Our mission

Welcome to our mission

We are both extremely passionate about the service we provide to the world. We always strive for making our company bigger and better. Transparency and honesty are what we stand by. We have been working hard for the first 4 years of our business to build trust, authenticity and reliable sources. We have felt the mission, the hunger and passion and it's time for us to share this with the world.

Our mission
Our mission

We have been on our personal journeys as well as together. We know what self-healing is like, no one prepares you for healing and the deepest healings happen alone or in times we do not expect to release and deal with the past. That is why we provide the crystals and sacred tools that we do, to bring you back to your heart space. Everything we do we ensure to connect and work with the energies before they reach you. We spend a lot of our time working with spirit and the frequencies to call and pick your crystals.

We have been blessed by our star family, spirit guides and ancestors with our missions. The reasons why we came to earth. To help mother earth and the human race ascension. We are entering a new frequency with mother earth. Shifting our 3D consciousness into the 5D. New beings and star seeds are working around us and are being birthed on the earth.

Our mission is to support you. Life can be full of surprises good and bad. Our work is to help you maintain your frequency, enter your heart space and finding peace within. By working with the nations, crystals, animals, plants, star people and all that exists. We are all connected and we are striving to bring that sense of community on earth.
The future for the golden age

We all must shift together. Mother earth has been calling for healing and clearing. We work with the crystal gridline to keep amplifying and raising the 5D energy and consciousness, for mother and all human beings. Visiting sacred lands and sites around the UK. We are of service to mother earth. We are of service to the souls who find us, we are here to bring in what is above and below. Diverse healing methods and channeled work. Providing the tools for your spiritual development.

On a physical level, healing our dis-eases is just as important as our well-being in our souls and emotional state. We are working with plant medicines, crystals and holding ceremonial space to bring something bigger for the new future. This news will be announced with timing. Keeping ourselves in a high frequency conquers all. We are all-powerful beings and we want to be that guidance to help you with your path to greater healing. We are here to provide the crystal codings, guided meditations and support to find your true authentic self, connect within and the spirit world in a safe space, surrender to the healing and support your soul no matter how old your soul has existed for.

We are calling in on the land and space for you to come and work with us, connect and build a loving, lifelong tribe. We want to hold that space to support, love and create a spiritual family. This truly full-fills our hearts. A space for you to unwind, connect to yourself and like-minded others whilst you discover and unleash your inner god/goddess energies. We are more than what we have been programmed to believe.

No matter where you are on your path, we love you and we will assist you. We are here to support your ascension. Are you ready to join us on a journey where anything is possible?