Explaining how we channel with crystals from the cosmos.

Intergalactic Crystals Explained

We know that crystals are multi-dimensional energies that have hardly been discovered. Whilst working with the traditional crystal healing modalities for many years as crystal healers, we soon discovered that we hit a wall with the energies they are portrayed to be. As we continue to work with the "crystal healing energies" we went with our intuition and worked with our guides to peal back the labels and systems that were physically implemented upon the crystal vibrations.

Upon further discovery, we connected to the energies and we have been shown that these systems and labels have been physically binding crystals as a collective energy as a programme.

Our beautiful mother earth has been shifting into a new dimension since December 21st 2021. This is also known as the golden age. There has been an awakening and shift in the vibrations for humanity, animals, plants, elements and crystals. This means our souls are ready and we came here to ascend at this time. Our consciousness is beginning to shift perspective and we are learning about being in our heart space.

Our work at Enter The Stargate is to bring in these new higher frequencies; we work with the lands of mother earth every month, visiting sacred stone circles and channelling through the frequencies, light codes and dimensional beings into the ley-lines of mother earth. The birthing of new Star-seeds from other galaxies and nations.

​ As we move into the 5th dimension, there has been energy changes to our crystals. When we enter a higher state of frequency and consciousness, we are detaching from the physicality of life and breaking down 3D systems and programmes around and within ourselves. For many years crystals have been labelled to a specific vibration. Yet they are dimensional souls, beings, energies and sacred tools that have grown for millions of years with our mother earth.

We are now only working with the energy waves of the Cosmos & Earth. We have been guided to work with crystals on a sacred level in sacred ceremonies. We connect and align the cosmos with mother earth and work with portal days at sacred sites, in nature and open portals wherever we are called. Working with the Stargate's, Galactic beings and vibrations to integrate them into the crystals with permission.
What to expect when purchasing an Intergalactic Crystal?

On our website, you will find a new collection whenever we have worked with an energetic day. There will be a limited amount of crystals we work with at a time, and they will all be integrated with the frequencies that come down. They will work differently for everyone, and you shall receive a scroll to explain the energies listed online and how to work with them. All souls will be affected differently according to your journey and vibration.