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We know how easy it is to state that all crystals are ethically sourced. But to know-how, what and where each crystal type proceeds with extraction, cleaning, polishing and where it has been handled can be tough. It has been difficult over the years to find truthful and honest suppliers. From experience and client relations, we have learnt so much about the trade and how the exchange should be from spiritual to physical morals.

 Everything. On a spiritual level, Ethical exchange makes a huge difference. In fact, you can feel it. Crystals feel the energy and collect what they are close to. If someone is mining a crystal in fear, pain or even sensing a minor. That energy is not going to go with a quick smudge. These crystals hold a trauma, a memory, which is why it is a ripple effect on different realms. Precisely if it is unethical, you are carrying the negative energy and trauma that lies within, not only that but the unknown supply chain where energies are mixed and unbalanced.

Ethical sourcing takes years. Unless you have been lucky to fall into the hands of a trusted supplier, that is excellent news. We have always been the store to supply crystal and mineral varieties. We went through a long period cutting back to expand again by finding suitable suppliers for you and for us.

Our supply chain

Short supply chain


We only purchase crystals from where they have been extracted. The miners are small scale miners with low environmental impact. When more extensive deposits are extracted, sometimes it is too dangerous to mine without machinery. Machinery is checked for safety use, including geologists on sight, to ensure they have a safe procedure for extraction.

In house service


When we purchase larger pieces, home decor or polished. Our lapidary services are in-house. They have premises where they can cut, polish and shape the crystals extracted from the mines. Most of our suppliers are independent family or local run businesses.

Direct shipping


Once our crystals are ready to be shipped over to us, we supply them to you. We cleanse, connect and take delicate and special care of everything we purchase. All our crystals are stored away from plastic, unsafe conditions. We ensure secure shelving, tubs and display units for picking and cleansing.molestias excepturi sint

Say no to poor labour


Safety procedures are essential and each country will vary in their practises as it varies on the size and location of the mine. Ensuring all machinery in and out of the premises is functioning correctly and safely.

Supporting families and community


It is refreshing to hear that our miners and workers are paid well and are content in the working conditions. Us paying that little extra to ensure procedures are followed and kept at a high standard.

We love mother earth


There are different scales of mining. Artisanal, small scale and industrial. Concerns vary as it depends on the crystal that is being mined and how. But we have an 80% supply chain of artisanal miners which means it is an extremely low impact on the earth.

Supporting the world


We are honoured to share that our purchases help build schools, plant trees and protect against poaching. Thousands of families have been supplied with work to support their families. Keeping close contact with our suppliers is essential. They send us videos, photos and video calls regularly. Building relationships with your suppliers goes a long way for trust, security and friendship.

Protecting our children


None of our suppliers has children on site. In fact, all our miners and suppliers forbid the behaviour and are against their country laws to allow such a dangerous practice.


The same ethics apply to our smudge sticks, herbs and resins. We are against poaching and killing for feathers and abalones. We work with a small handful of businesses that are in shamanic practises or herbalism. All plants and tools are cared for and are fully traceable just as much as our crystals.

Connect with customer by benefits

We only purchase from land & tribes


We do not sell wild sage, nor do we sell them commercially. Each smudge stick has been handled by paid staff and the indigenous people. Providing income and keeping the community together

Who do we know


We have great connections to South America and other parts of the world to understand the endangered and threatened plants. For example, we refuse to sell any Palo Santo as it has become unethical and dangerous to the indigenous and local community.

Respect. Love. Compassion


Quite a few of our suppliers in the crystal and plant world support anti-poaching. In shamanism, the animals' remains are collected after natural causes. Connected to the spirit for permission and purpose.



Our plants are cared for, grown and extracted accordingly to their natural habitat. Once they are ready, they will be dried and handled by staff for wrapping and packaging.

Our frequently asked questions

Is selling white sage disrespectful to the indigenous people?

When the retailer understands sage, how it should be sourced, grown and sold it is not disrespectful to the indigenous people. In fact, they have their own land and farms to grow sage to trade.

Are the smudging feathers you sell real?

Yes, all feathers and skins are respectfully collected from the animal after they have died of natural causes followed through ceremony.

What are the differences between the sage variations you sell?

Whether it is blue sage, dessert sage, black sage or white sage. They all have their own scents but originate from the same plant family. All these wonderful plants have unique medicinal and spiritual purposes. We treat plants the way we do with crystals, what exactly are you drawn to and require from the attributes.

I have seen retailers slightly cheaper, why are you more expensive?

When purchasing any crystals or holistic products a cleaner supply chain in generally more pricey as it is less likely to be grown in un-natural environments for the plants. We support communities, families and local businesses.

Who do we supply from?

This question is continuously asked, with all the respect we never like to reveal our suppliers it has taken us many years to source and break through the tough industry, but we can spot an authentic or cowboy supplier.

Do you now the authenticity of your products

Yes we do. We have faith and trust in our built relationships with our suppliers. We do not reference crystal testing from google or online sources. We work with geologists, specialists and industry professionals to ensure we are providing authentic products and services to you.

Do you sell any un-natural products?

No, our store has been cleansed from any man-made or resin mixed crystals. You may find some items that have been enhanced or treated however once this has left our premises we will no longer be stocking these types of minerals.