Explaining how we work with our crystals, the cosmos & mother earth through the 5th dimension and beyond.

We work with our spiritual team & cosmic family to access light codes continuously coming down to earth. The 5D shift is continuously happening, and the flow of mother earth is constantly moving. Adjusting to a new frequency can come with many pros and cons. So we must keep up with the timeline & flow of the universe. When we work with the cosmic light codes, we tune into the light beings who have a message for the collective or a healing frequency to allow integration/energy upgrades. 

 The Cosmic light beings work together & they know what the human consciousness needs to assist the ascension process. We work with various nations & guides to bring forward all required work. Every month, we perform a ceremony to integrate and download the light code and wisdom. When we have processed the vibrational shift, we will work with the light code to create a guided meditation or a healing frequency for you to listen to & connect. 

 We will also put our crystals through a monthly ceremony so they can receive the cosmic frequencies; they are cleansed & honoured regularly. Our service is free, and you are more than welcome to purchase crystals through us to feel the frequencies we are putting through them. ​ We constantly thrive on evolving and growing with this 5th-dimensional energy alongside our crystals. It is the journey of a broad discovery; into a new dimension with many other possibilities to unlock. 

Old systems are falling, and it's time to work with these new energies; we are removing labels & general benefits of crystals healing as it puts a cap on our expansion. We are aware that every human living on mother earth has their DNA, frequency, soul and mission. Therefore we are showing you how to find your connection with a crystal that calls you for a higher purpose. The crystals await you to unlock their full potential and your own.  

Cosmic Light Codes Explained

What to expect when integrating light codes?

Each month holds a unique energy, in order to bring in higher frequencies the integration allows us to make room within our liqhtbody. By bringing up shadow work, old traumas and energies which no longer serve us for the highest good. The coding shines the light to the layers you need to clear, purge and transmute. working alongside our guided & healing frequency meditations will provide you with the foundation tools and energy necessary to help you transform into your new frequency.

Amazing meditation

Good morning!!! I thought I will share my crystal code activation with you 🥰 as I started to visualise the code into the crystal, my left ear started to receive this high pitch tone. It was happening almost until the end of the meditation. It was getting louder with a bit of vibration. Thank you very much for this amazing meditation 🥰💜


Our customer

I love it

Wow, thank you so much this is so powerful and such a great gift. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Our customer

Third eye tingles

I did this for the first time this evening and it was really lovely. Not going to lie, I’m happy the activation is only the first few minutes as I have quite a few tumbles to get through from the Black Friday Offer 😅. But seriously, my third eye has been quite blocked recently and the lullaby at the end was resonating with it beautifully. I’m not sure how to word it properly, it didn’t magick my third eye back open but I had nice tingles around the third eye and a bit of a massage/pressure type feeling right on the third eye. Something was happening that’s for sure 🤗. The Crystal I’ve activated today has been popped under my pillow so we can integrate together tonight 🥰.


Our customer