Here is how our journey first began. Our journey started from the moment we decided to incarnate to mother earth to find each other again.

Welcome! We are Chris & Talia. The owners of Enter The Stargate.

When we first met seven years ago, there was an instant connection, but we did not entirely understand it. Despite the chaotic events in our lives, the spiritual connection brought us to this path. We had a lot of parallel experiences in all dimensions, yet we both carried different energies and lessons to bring each other once we reconnected.

We soon experienced the twin flame magnetic pull and push; we were unaware of it at the beginning. Being on a twin flame journey can be challenging yet beautiful. We chose this path when we came to earth together—the journey of triggering and understanding but experiencing a new vibration of love not just for ourselves or together, but to share it with the collective. This means we can help others feel and find self-love, and connection within themselves, others, source & all life amongst our mother earth.

Crystals, oracle readings and reiki were the beginning of our journey together. We fell in love with the power and sacred essence they individually hold, allowing us to open up to new perspectives, growth and understanding. We both had grown up with the connection to the spirit world, seeing them in the physical, through dream-state and natural abilities to connect. We birthed our first brand "The Mystic Wolf" which we loved every moment as it was all about growth, finding your path and stepping into your essence.
We can only refer to being light workers, energy bringers and Guides here on earth. We understand the 3D labelling for various cultures, practitioners and certification levels. However, we work with our star family and mother earth to bring the energies needed for each client, Pachamama and the cosmos. We have a shamanic background and use tools to help us navigate our work. The Golden Age is here and mother earths receiving new codes, frequencies & downloads constantly, so we are breaking down old patterns, programmes, systems and watching the veil between both worlds disburse.

We have been on the journey of self healing, discovery and standing in our true power. The one thing we have learnt is there is a dilution of information available. It is either following a rightly system and not explored via multi-dimensions and so we are here to set free the bottle cap. Systems allow us to understand the fundimentals but we reach a block at some point within our journey.

So when we work with crystals, we do not advertise "crystal healing". Because crystals always find us, we are blocking the potential of fully understanding the tool's purpose.
So what do we do?
So we work mainly with Ascension crystals, activated through ceremonies by connecting to the soul. The soul gives us the main functionality of its purpose here, but it is up to you to embark on the deep journey and surrender to where it can take you.

This was gifted to us by our spirit team after we graduated our Shamanic Journey. We have been taught how to navigate the cosmos from the 5th dimension and above. Being in the space of the heart allows us to work with the Stargates, bringing souls like you a closer connection to the dimensional beings & ways of activating your own journey or healing. Our channelled vibration is working with Cosmic Light Codes & light beings. This channels through us via Movement, Sound we surrender to the guidance and that is however the energies coming through need to be released into the earth. we do activate and cleanse our crystals with these high vibrations. We honour and respect all sacred plants/master plants when we perform our work.

We constantly work with portal days, father sun and mother moon, numerology with the cosmic events happening. We connect to her through the electromagnetic field of the earth, which we do under Full moons, New Moons, plant ceremonies and portal days. We travel wherever we are called to work, we connect to Standing Stones, Stone Circles, Ley-lines and any other Sacred sites.

Our mission is to raise consciousness and the dense vibration to a much move loving and compassionate dimension. Understanding the separation between the mind, heart and the soul. Bringing all these beautiful things back to the oneness, reuniting as a community with a flowing connection to the divine and mother earth.

We are very selective of the energies we work with, as we focus on sourcing directly from miners and suppliers with short supply chain and ethical sourcing. More can be read about this on our Ethical policy page. We support the work of medicine men/women, indigenous tribes, small business owners so we can bring their knowledge, cultivated ways to the western world. We want to keep their culture thriving that is why we are bringing the plant medicine, sacred smudging and tools to Enter The Stargate.

We are constantly changing and moving our ways as humans and as a business. This is why we birthed our rebrand as Enter The Stargate. Understanding the new Era we have stepped into and what is required, we are still cleansing and clearing our website so we can be in full flow with the guidance of spirit. We hope to welcome you in our growing Star Family and you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.

P.s our Youtube community is growing where we upload monthly light code frequency music, guided meditations and spiritual knowledge. We also have an education centre on our website for you to learn, grow and discover many things about you.