Explaining how we work with our ceremonial kits through the 5th dimension and beyond.

Ceremonial Kits Explained

Our ceremonial kits have been created through a sacred ceremony. We intuitively pick the crystals without connecting them to physical labels. Once we feel the kit has been completed we will sit with them and connect to the vibrations they bring together as a collective energy.
Our kits are designed to help you connect, access and develop areas within ones life that need clearing, transforming and ascending to a new vibration. Each kit will be sent with a scroll explaining the energy it holds and how to connect as well as a guided meditation video to help you get started on your personal and spiritual development.
What to expect when working with our ceremonial kits?

Each kit holds a unique vibration. They are created to act as a foundation tool for you explore and dig deep into a journey within. Bringing a new understanding and perspective to the energies that no longer serve or that are blocking us from ascending. The kits guide, teach or reveal. and making room within our physical, emotional and spiritual body for higher frequencies. The 5th dimensional energies are about breaking down old structures and systematic belief systems. Keep your soul, mind and heart open for the energies to connect to you personally.