Mind Body Spirit London Olympia | Wellbeing Event

Mind Body Spirit London Olympia | Wellbeing Event

Enter The Stargate at Mind Body & Spirit Olympia London. 

We had a fantastic time at the MBS show; we met some beautiful souls, new & existing. We have uploaded some photos below of our stand. 

Many Crystals, Jewellery and Holistic tools went to their new homes this weekend!

Working with crystals this weekend at the show was so amazing! It has left a huge smile and our hearts filled.

Whether we are at events or shipping online, we show no difference in how we work with our crystals. We make the time and space to cleanse and keep vibrations high in our portals and grids as often as possible.

Energy shouldn't be messed around with; it is vital for us shop owners to keep crystals and products in a high vibration that genuinely reflects our energies. We all work so differently and uniquely. It is so important to understand all energies we invite in 🦋.

We don't class ourselves as a crystals business/metaphysical shop. We are exchanging energy for the highest good of our customer's growth and journey. Ethical sourcing, knowledge, education, high frequencies, no judgement and love are the aspects we standby.

Welcoming new and existing souls to our community, we are just getting started. Lots of planning to do now at ETS HQ....! 🙌

We thank everyone, our guides and spirit, for supporting and guiding our business.  

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