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Pros and cons of smudging with sacred material


Many truth and false information are spread widely across the internet about using Sage. It has put off many people from cleansing with white sage. Today we will touch on the Pros and Cons of using sage.


For many centuries sage has been used by the Native Americans. Other parts of the world that carry tribes also use the sacred plant. White sage is one of the most loved master plants and goes by Salvia Apiana, Californian and Sacred sage. Its used in herbalism, ceremonial work and shamanism practice. It has medicinal benefits and is used daily in our cooking regimes.


The most common or used sage types are Californian white sage (Salvia Apiana), Dessert Sage, Wild Sage, Blue Sage (Grandmother sage), Black sage and purple sage. They are usually rolled into what we call smudge sticks. But can be purchased loose, clustered, rolled into incense or extracted into an essential or fragrance oil.


Yes, there is much truth going around about white sage. This plant's danger has been on the rise for five years from inside sources. There has been a large amount of illegal harvesting distributed to large, unethical cooperation's. This practice has caused a tremendous amount of wildfires, which has caused the production of sage to decrease at a significant percentage and labelled as an abused, endangered plant. It has become a new age spiritual trend and a heck of much cash for larger scaled businesses. This source is pointed towards Wild White Sage, which naturally grows in the wild, which should be left to collect by other tribes and used by animals in their natural habitats. 

What does this mean for smudging?

Please avoid using Wild White Sage. Research your source, how is it grown, and where does it come from? How is the sage grown, reseeded and collected? Is the practice harvested in a traditional manner? Who is running the operation and where? This all has an enormous impact. Wild sage harvesting is illegal and needs to be put to an end. As you can see, there is a large industry for the use of sage, whether that is naturally, metaphysically or for aromatherapy, but does this mean other uses are a substantial source? Where are they coming from too?


Many harmful and hateful words are thrown about the internet for people using white sage. If you are fully aware of your retailer's supply chain, then there is no reason to stop your smudging with sage. We have an entire supply history of our sourced White Sage. Wild White sage is not sourced in our supply chain. We only source by our wonderful indigenous people and smaller businesses who harvest, reseed and dry the sage. This is done correctly at a controllable amount and is abundant. By trading in this manner, we are respecting the mother earth and her plants and providing a substantial living to the indigenous who collect, hand roll, and provide high-quality sage for a living via their land/ranch.

Sage in the spiritual world is a master plant. It provides many benefits to medicinal purposes but also our spiritual purposes. When we use plants in shamanism, we connect to the spirit of all living things. We always ask permission to use the sage with the best intent, whether for ourselves, our crystals/space or clients. This is cultural appropriation, respect, love, and compassion for all and understanding how to use the plant(s) correctly. Not only should we meditate or journey with our crystals, but we should also do the same with plants. They are both 1st-dimensional beings who vibrate on the same frequency and have a large scale of knowledge, consciousness and healing. Sage is wrongly being used and trended for today's society. This is something that needs to stop and be respected. It is not very respectful to most cultures.


Research, trust and locate the supply chain. This is the same issue we have in the world: crystals, food, clothing, and much more. We do not want to put Un-wild, white sage out of business as we are in some way helping substantial living and striping traditions away. But please make sure you research the sourcing and understand the plant and the medicinal purposes we need. If you feel you cannot find an outstanding, reliable source, there are options to grow your very own sage plants. Suppose you are not local to a native/well-known ranch that provides ethical plants. We are being broken apart from our origins, ancestors and practices. We are being pushed into a new age with practices and information diluted and suppressed to unlock our true potential as loving and connected beings. 

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