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How to use sacred cleansing tools


Have you ever wondered what the best technique is to cleanse your crystals, your clients or your energy field? We will list the best ways below for the most commonly used or purchased tools for cleansing.


One of the worlds most demanded plants for sacred ceremonies and cleansing. There are many different types of sage plants such as blue, black, desert and white. They are all-powerful cleansing tools that disburse negative energy and offer protection and ceremonial offerings. You can use sage as a smudging stick, incense stick, cluster leaves or loose herbs. There are several ways to prepare your herbs for cleansing, and we are going to show you a technique or two below!

1. Preparing for your cleanse

The most important thing you can do is a gratitude energy exchange. Spend a few minutes connecting with your plant and give thanks to the work and energy that sage does for you. Set your intention with sage, for example, "I am setting the intention for you (sage) to remove any unwanted or negative energies from my energy field".

In a way you feel comfortable, you have strongly set your intention with the sage, which you can now work with. It is always respectful to give gratitude to crystals, plants and all that lives.
Using a smudge or incense stick is the fastest way to perform a cleansing ritual and is often a great way to raise your vibration or top up your crystals quickly.

2. Other tools

There are other traditional tools that you can use for your cleansing ritual. In many shamanic traditions, an abalone shell, salt, charcoal and feathers are used alongside the sacred sage. We are going to break down how and why these other tools are used.

  • Abalone Shells represents the element of water, you can connect to your abalone shell the same way as your sage, providing gratitude of service and calling in the energy of water element for purification, cleansing, regeneration and flow. We use abalone shells to carry the smoke around the required space.
  • Himalayan Salt represents the element of earth. We use himalayan salt to absorb negative energy and to also protect the abalone shell from the fire. You can connect to salt with gratitude of service, salt represents grounding energy, absorbing, wisdom, abundance and nourishment. If you are using loose herbs you should to place a charcoal disk on top of the salt and your herbs on top of the charcoal.
  • The herbs represent the element of Fire as they will set alight. We use fire with our sacred plants to disburse and transmute the negative energies. Fire also represents love, strength, passion and creativity. Fire works with the plant and enhances the attributes.
  • Feather represents the element of Air. Air is about movement and travel. We use the feather to manoeuvre the smoke and element of fire into the energy that needs to be cleansed. 

When we are working with all the elements, we enhance our intention on a spiritual and physical dimension. We are calling in all the energies to work with us, allowing our ritual to be more connected and deeper.

3. How to set up your cleansing ritual

  1. Abalone shell is the first tool you will need to connect to and use.
  2. Once you have this ready you can pour and connect to your salt. Place into the abalone shell, you dont need too much just a slightly thick layer to protect the bottom. Do not over fill as you need to utilise the space
  3. Connect and light your smudge stick you can use the abalone and salt to collect ashes and leaves. 
  4. If you are using loose herbs use a charcoal tablet/disk and light from underneath. Place your herbs on top of the charcoal if you see a large flame please blow this out.
  5. When you see your loose herbs or smudge stick smoking its time to start your cleansing.
  6. Use your feather to keep the smoke alight and lightly brush the smoke into the area needed for cleansing
  7. When you have finished performing your cleansing ritual you can use your salt or some water to put out the smoke/flame. If you have a smudge stick its best to leave this in salt as water will affect the ability to re-use.
  8. In respect you may give thanks to the tools and energies for being present or if you have your own closing prayer that will also be a wonderful gesture

Cleansing with other sacred energy

Palo santo, Incense sticks, Sandalwood and other burning woods

Not everybody uses herbs or sage, and some prefer the smell of natural woods like palo santo, sandalwood, cedar wood, etc. Although we prefer not to use or encourage the purchasing of palo santo, it is another excellent tool to use for cleansing. Woods are very simple to work with as it is the same procedure as using smudge sticks. You can still use the traditional ways of smudging with other tools if that feels right for you. However, it is simply the same procedure using incense or smudge sticks.


Resins are another way of cleansing/smudging your space. There is no wrong or right way in how you should feel connected to your cleansing ritual. Resins are amazing, too; Such as frankincense, myrrh, gum dammar, copal etc. They all have unique properties and holistic benefits; They can still offer amazing purification and cleansing energies.

When you are using resins, there are a few ways you can use them. You can cleanse with resins in the traditional way of using charcoal, abalone shell etc. Or, if you are drawn to more ancient Wicca/witchcraft practises, you may want to use an oil burner or cast iron cauldron.

If you are burning with resins in an abalone shell, make sure you follow the same procedures above as resins will meltdown. If you are using a cauldron or burner, we still advise using salt or charcoal for an easy clean-up afterwards.

Aqua De Florida

Honestly, we use this every single day for our energies, space and clients. Not only does it smell divine, but it is such a strong cleanser. Aqua De Florida originates from a cleansing technique within the Peruvian tribes. Usually purchasable online in small or large bottles. You can even transfer the Aqua Florida water into a spray bottle to use easier and quicker. Otherwise, you can pour a small amount into your hands and use it over your energy field and body. Do not digest or apply directly with your skin. Many varieties of "Florida water" are sold online, Aqua De Florida being the original formula. 


Over time you may find your ways to cleanse as there are so many amazing tools and techniques to use! If you are less connected to traditions and plant work, you can cleanse your space using other tools such as singing bowls, gongs, sound, intention and channelled healing energy. Remember, this journey is about you, and your way is the right way for you.

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