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Are you having a spiritual awakening?


If you are reading this blog, you are most likely new on your spiritual journey or learning about the types of awakenings. We are going to touch on the main aspects of a spiritual awakening.

What is a spiritual awakening?

When we feel like a spiritual awakening is beginning, it almost feels like a light switch has been turned on for us. We become more conscious of ourselves, our friendship circles, careers and perhaps our love for nature. A spiritual awakening is different for everyone as we all have walked life with different experiences and perspectives. 

There a many positive and negative signs of a spiritual awakening. We are going to highlight the most commonly reported awakening experiences.

1. You feel much more conscious, sensitive and empathic towards other people

When this happens, you are connecting to the other person standing in front of you; you can feel everything deeper and sympathetic. They have, in some way makes you feel like that it happened to you. You are more conscious of your own thoughts, reactions to how that makes you feel and how you want to help the person who you are speaking too. 

2. You feel less drawn to specific people, gossip, media and negative behaviour

You may find that you are feeling less connected to people who like to gossip, speak negatively or act a certain way that no longer resonates with you. It may make you feel uncomfortable to the point where you feel like you need to distance yourself for a while. Social media and press can put a lot of pressure on our daily lives emotionally and physically. We feel like we need a break to reconnect with ourselves without feeling consumed by unrealistic lives and personalities. 

3. Questioning your existence and feeling like your glitching in the matrix

We feel a sense of insanity, ungrounded and is this happening? Why am I here? You begin to question every tiny detail about your existence and everything around you; This is a difficult stage and can make us feel quite confused or low as we do not understand why we suddenly feel this way and see life from a new perspective. It is a reality wake-up call. This consciousness is the next step to our true understanding, it may feel like a negative during this time, but when we continue the path and push through, we are guided to the truth for our growth and transformation. 

4. Authenticity and compassion

When we disconnect from mainstream life, we start to feel content and the lack of need from an audience, other people. We find content traits within ourselves. We feel more connected to animals, nature and true community, like-minded people, we generally seek a deeper meaning in life. Many times people have found themselves going to less busy events and social gatherings. It can make us feel overwhelmed or out of place if we start to feel and see life differently. 

5. Synchronicities and dreams

555, 1111, 3333? Yes, this may seem a little strange at first, but they do have significant meanings. Numerology is a rather large subject to discover; all these repeating numbers that we synchronise with are reminding us to stay on the path, something is coming, or there is a transformation on the way! Sometimes, we may experience heightened dreams; they feel very real, or a loved one came to us with a strong message. These experiences are normal and keep us a little sane in these hard times, a reminder that we are going down the right path.

6. Drastic life changes and reevaluating

We may not feel positive at that specific time, but we always meet or be at the right place at the right time. Whether we have ended a career, relationship, started a new life in a new town, these drastic life changes are aligning our path to a much more abundant and greater opportunity. There may be some hiccups along the way, but no one said this would come easy. See these hiccups as a test to how far and how much can you accept and change your ways to experience a new life and consciousness? You may question your passions, religious beliefs and feel right for you to switch to the right one for you.

7. Dizziness and anxiety (Physical symptoms)

Yes it is also possible. Allergies have been reported such a sensitivity to foods and drinks. You feel like you want to cleanse your body from toxins and lead a healthier life style. You may want to be in nature to release anxieties or dizzy spells, do not rule this out for health conditions but sometimes we need some mother nature grounding during our early awakening. Emotions can heighten as we become more empathic, meditation, yoga or something we enjoy will help reduce these feelings.

8. Stripping back our ego and surrendering

When we experience an awakening, we often feel confused and start to understand life from a new perspective. There are many moments of a spiritual awakening where we are put in front of our ego-self. We all have an ego, and it's normal. Our ego-self may previously live a materialistic lifestyle; we could be self-centred or run negative behaviours and programmes. The best part about this is that our consciousness has developed in a way for us to recognise our shadow self. Nobody is perfect, there are no such things, but when we get faced with our ego, the best thing to do is surrender and be open to change and understanding.

Our ego is not all about our lifestyles. Still, it does show a big effect on how superior we may feel over other people where I am separated from everyone else in an unhealthy manner, how fearful or negative we project our thoughts and actions. When we surrender to these changes, we allow ourselves to be more connected to our higher self, higher beings, and selfless compassion.

When we identify ourselves as a spiritual label or push the love, light, and kind traits about ourselves to other people, we may come across as false, manipulative and self-centred. It is a part of the process for you to understand the shadow self part, as the running programmes are usually from exterior influences. This does not define you as a person. These are beautiful lessons and experiences to transform your soul.

Equality is important. Some people are not here on earth to experience an awakening, and some peoples paths are not for this. But it is easy to feel a sense of power or feel somewhat better than others, we can easily say we are doing good things in the world and others are evil. All of this can happen when we have achieved the status of any spiritual practitioner, joining circles and groups or taking readings/spiritual messages to the special programming side of our egos. It makes us feel good, but it can be difficult to process if we haven't done any shadow work or de-programming.

9. Suppressed memories, DeJavú, Past lives, Triggered by trauma

Everyday life is a distraction to our inner self. When we go through an awakening, we start to remember memories that our brain suppresses, they may not feel important at the event time, but they could play an essential part in your healing and awakening journey. There will be many occasions you start to remember events.

A sense of De-Ja Vu. We have all felt this at some point in our lives, where we feel like we have experienced or been somewhere before. Most likely, you have. A part of a spiritual awakening can be your soul awakening and accessing your past lives.

In some cases, a spiritual awakening is triggered by trauma. Something so dark or terrible has happened to us and we have been triggered so deeply to "wake up" it's an instant light bulb for our mind, body and soul to make significant changes in our lives. Sometimes, if spirit feels like we aren't getting something, they will guide our path to triggered states to see the picture in full colour. We look at the trigger as a question, healing, transformation or growth instead of victimising ourselves. It triggers us differently.

10. Intuition and seeing behind the masks of others

When we begin to heal ourselves or listen to our minds, bodies, and souls, we are in touch with our true selves. Our intuition begins to heighten, or we begin to experience gut feelings, anxiety or overwhelming senses if we feel strongly about something. That's us listening and needing to acknowledge our intuitive state. Learning to trust ourselves is one of the hardest and biggest challenges to face when we have already been through so much in life.

Progress within ourselves allows us to see the masks and shadows in people and our own who are in our lives or cross our paths. You can take this part as either a lesson or a blessing. You will feel like you can read people's minds or see straight through the masks they put on; This is another intuitive detection and the gut feeling that confirms what you are experiencing. You will find it gets harder to stay around these people, but that is ok because this is your path, and that is their path. The further we develop, life comes with no judgement, just an exchange of love, acceptance, surrender and understanding.


How do you expect to deal with a spiritual awakening?

This is something we can never prepare for and surrendering to the changes is the best thing you could possibly do. There are some tips we can give you that may help ease this experience and make you feel more grounded and supported. You are not alone in this journey, there are many of us on the earth experiencing an awakening it's all about willpower and determination that you will grow, learn and see the beauty through this path.

1. Keep grounded and listen to your emotions

When we say grounded, it may be for you to take a moment alone, in nature and connect. Take yourself to a quiet space to connect your bare feet to the earth, breathe in the pure air to your lungs and feel centred with ourselves, nature is medicine and we are surrounded by healing. You may not feel ready for this, but hugging trees and working with plants releases oxytocin in our hormones, which gives us a sense of neutering and mother comfort; it can make us feel happy and calm. If you are not ready to embark on the journey in nature, staying grounded may be leading a more healthy and fit lifestyle, meditation or yoga is a great start. If you have never done this before, try joining a guided class or even from home if you are more comfortable. We must do something to quieten our minds to release heightened emotions back to a calm state.

Listening to your emotions is important. If we keep suppressing and ignoring them, it will cause us distress, anxiety and chaos. If you have difficulty with self-expression, it may be wise to use a journal or planner and write down all that you are experiencing. If you are close to someone, you can talk to, express how you are feeling. It may be difficult for others to understand what you are going through but listening to ourselves is much more important than making ourselves ill for feeling like a burden. If you are an outspoken person, speaking to others may release that build up if you feel like you could and do not want to. Still, we don't want to experience the emotions; We want to understand why they are there and take a deeper perspective. Rather than brushing the emotions under the carpet, they will reoccur until we deal with them properly.

2. Leading a well-being life style

What we consume to feed our bodies has a big effect on our vibration. You may feel like cutting out unhealthy and problematic foods. Foods are like vibrations; what we consume will have a psychological, spiritual and physical effect on our mind, body and soul. Providing our bodies with nutritional goods, vitamins, and minerals we are self-caring makes us feel great about ourselves. A routine of fitness or something like yoga releases toxins from our bodies and minds and gives us a stress release, sense of happiness and balance.

Taking some time out for ourselves is also important, for example, spending the morning with some self-care enjoying a relaxing bath with oils and crystals. Which way may ever bring you joy, embrace and utilise that experience during this time.

Practising gratitude and affirmations. They make us feel different about ourselves and others, it can leave such a positive effect on our day, writing down or speaking to ourselves through the mirror can increase our vibration. By practising this alongside self love and compassion changes our whole day, weeks, months and eventually lives.

Finding like minded people, embrace your awakening with people who are embarking the same journey, it gives us a send of a new normality and you can connect with people of a new level.

3. The most important aspect is trusting what makes you happy

You will learn or have already learnt that full-filling others is not going to do you any good. Whatever is right for you in the present moment, make sure you connect with this and if that means making transformations in areas of your life, trust the process we all want happiness, love and compassion on this journey but it is about patience and timing with the right energy and surroundings.

When and why is my spiritual awakening happening?

It can happen to any of us at any time. Some people have these experiences of being very young in their life and feel they know their purpose and what they must do. All our souls are at different stages and ages. When we are shifting and ascending, there is no time or space to say when and why is this happening, when will it end. The whole experience is to surrender and learn. Earth is the planet of hard lessons; we chose this journey to have a human experience. Our kind is based upon emotions, much more than other beings. When we appreciate our good and bad life experiences, we learn to be grateful for the opportunity to transform into better souls.

An awakening may also lead us to a psychic awakening which is our next subject on this blog where we feel to be of service and help other people with there journey on earth. 

What happens next on my spiritual awakening?

All of your actions and break throughs will determine your next step, there is no typical predictions of an awakening as we are all unique and sometimes it can get very dark where we feel we need to take a break and come back to it. We may feel the need to discover ourselves much deeper by attending workshops, classes, ceremonies or experiencing plant medicine. This journey is your pace there is no rush to anything, enjoy the process and surrender to all presently. 

You may feel more drawn to holistic therapies and healings. This could be the next part of your awakening, a psychic awakening which is different to a spiritual awakening. We are going to touch deeper about this through our next blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Whether you are just starting your journey or you are deepening your understanding we are here to support and help you, we have been through this journey and majority of statements are from our own journeys and development. 


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