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Are you having a psychic awakening?


We are going to explain to you how different a spiritual awakening is to a psychic awakening. What are the signs and purposes of experiences spiritual and a psychic awakening.

What is a psychic awakening?

A psychic awakening is when we begin to work on ourselves dimensionally and connecting with our higher self and above. Usually this journey begins with activating, clearing and aligning our chakras. Specifically our third eye and higher chakras to discover whats beyond the 3rd dimension. But it is important to balance all. Where as a spiritual awakening is a shift in our physical and psychological consciousness, opening our heart space and inner healing. 

The Pineal Gland

The first step that is often talked about is the third eye chakra, pineal gland activation or opening your psyche. The third eye is spiritually recognised between and slightly above our brows. The pineal gland is actually deep within our brain it is located right in between both sides of our brain. The pineal gland is the body's signal to receiving light, dark from our eyes it is our function of seasonal changes, time and natural habitat. The pineal sends out hormones (melatonin) through the body. It is recognised as one of the main functions in the human body.

We want to declassify our pineal gland which is often caused by fluoride, toxic drinks, foods, pollution and unhealthy life styles. To declassify it normal means doing the opposite of toxic, which can take some time in regenerating our cells but it is possible. 

Other ways we activate our pineal gland is working on our chakra systems 'the third eye'. If you do not know much about the main 7 chakras or other chakras that situate around our body it's probably best to gain an understanding of how the chakra system works.

What happens when we activate the pineal gland?

We have tiny crystals within the pineal gland that can 'pop' open when we have activated our pineal gland, this is usually a release or an energy un-blockage. some people have recorded a head ache or sensation around there heads that indicate the opening of the chakra/pineal gland. Not everyone is sensitive to feeling these symptoms, but it can change your visionary in meditation, healings and dream work. 

When we activate our third eye chakra we are allowing our consciousness to see more than our physical world. We are opening our senses to higher energies and allowing the experiences to unfold. We see the pineal gland like a muscle in the gym. The more you exercise it your connection you will be shown more each time. Meditation and connecting with your tools and spirit world will clear, connect and strengthen your channel over time.

You will be guided to your gifts and abilities. There are so many unique ways of working spiritually now. We can evolve our senses of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairalience, intuitive work and telepathy. The more we work on these abilities we will evolve to other ways of working naturally. Working on your chakras and higher energy is not systematic, there are tools and guidance for you to grow, but it should be allowed to flow naturally.

The third eye is connected to the crown and above

When we have activated an energy wheel it will start unlocking the others too. The third eye is connected to other energy centres, especially the heart, crown and higher chakras. The third eye is connected to the illusions as well as the higher work, it allows us to see through the veil of untruths, it gives us the insight and access to deeper states of consciousness and connect to our higher self. Accessing higher chakras allows us to go further and connecting to that universal energy, letting go of our ego selves and unlocking sacred knowledge, working with higher beings. It depends on how far you wish to you go. 

Symptoms and changes

When we have an activation we may experience some shifts and transformations with ourselves and surroundings, there is a wide variety of symptoms that we could not list them all as we are all unique. But here are some of the most commonly heard symptoms and shifts we have learnt or encountered ourselves. 

  1. You feel much more sensitive to emotions
  2. You can 'read' or see through peoples intentions on a dimensional level
  3. You are more aware of yourself, your traits, thoughts and actions
  4. Changes in food consumption and possibly feeling more connected to plants and natural foods
  5. Detoxing and leading a well-being lifestyle
  6. Your ability to manifest is much more stronger and quickly unfolds in the physical world
  7. You sense others intentions and may start seeing or feeling there energy field
  8. Feeling more connected to mother earth, crystals, plants and animals
  9. You have the urge to work and becoming a better version of yourself
  10. The willpower to unlock your abilities to be of service to others 
  11. Drawn to a specific healing or divination modality 
  12. Remembering vivid dreams with deeper meanings
  13. Feeling the need to have a daily ritual, meditation or hobby to keep yourself grounded, centred and connecting to your heart space
  14. Deeper understanding of life, people and our souls

What are the Psychic senses and abilities?

We have our main psychic senses which allows to us to move and work with our space that we have. They are very connected to our physical senses. 

  • Clair-audio: The ability to hear spirits, guides and other dimensional beings who want to connect with you or bring you messages
  • Clair-sentience: You feel presences within your space or around other people, you can connect with them and they can reveal themselves more over time to give you a description or feeling of who it may be 
  • Clairvoyance: You can see the spirits either in the physical world or you can see them clearly through your third eye.
  • Clair-cognition: You can work through your intuitive state, where we purely feel the energies coming in differently; the information is downloaded or guided from higher beings usually through readings, healings and universal work
  • Telepathy: Being able to communicate with others in the spirit and physical work through mind communication. Not needing to use your voice or other signals to communicate
  • Telekinesis: Being able to manipulate energy and move objects with our minds
  • Travel: Being able to travel in dream state, astral and journeying; this is very common and often is used for our personal development 
  • Channeling: You become a host to allow spiritual beings to come through your physical vessel to communicate freely. Other forms of channeling maybe drawing, writing, sounds, painting and any way you may be expressing your spiritual art


When we are developing our psychic awakening we will start to unfold these above abilities and skills to connect with ourselves and the spirit realm. We may start feeling drawn to be of service or simply using these abilties for our own development. We have listed the popular varieties of spiritual modalities and skills;

  1. Using your "clair" senses to offer tarot, intuitive or oracle card readings 
  2. Using your "clair senses to mediumship and clairvoyance 
  3. Learning a healing modality for example Reiki, Rahanni or Pranic healing. There are hundreds of different ways to channel healing or universal energy you will be drawn to what it required
  4. Something more ancient like Shamanism, Witchcraft, crystal healing for example
  5. Divinations such as crystal ball, dowsing, spells and rituals
  6. Working with plant medicine and psychedelics 
  7. Spiritual teacher/mentor and guided meditations to assist others unfolding there healing journey

When we allow ourselves to unlock this beautiful higher potential there are thousands of ways for us to connect and discover ourselves through multiple dimensions; How we can heal ourselves and potentially being of service to others on the planet. This blog is touching on the finest layer of a psychic awakening and the potentials of what your journey can entail. We will be posting further blogs to touch on hundreds of these amazing ways to develop and understand the spiritual world. 

With Love & Gratitude,

Enter The Stargate

J. 08/11/2021

Thank You so much for this amazing explanation 💚 it is exactly what I needed to understand my Journey in the right way.
Loads of blessings 💚

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