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Mint: Spiritual Meaning, Uses & Benefits

Everything you need to know about the plant Mint. 

Mint: Spiritual Meaning, Uses & Benefits


Plant history

In Ancient Athens, where it was common to scent different body parts with different herbs, mint was the scent most commonly used on the arms. Mint history was introduced to England by the Romans and is mentioned by John Gardiner before 1440 as 'myntys'.

Native to Eurasia, North America, southern Africa, and Australia, mints are widely distributed throughout the world's temperate areas and have naturalised in many places.

Mint was used throughout history to treat stomach and digestion problems and freshen breath. The dried leaves were used to whiten teeth and as a pest repellent. Mint is still used in medicine, beauty products, and food additive.

Plant Identification
  • Origin: The Mediterranean 
  • Growth: Mints will grow 10–120 cm (4–48 inches) tall and can spread over an indeterminate area.
  • Plant family: Lamiaceae
  • Scent: Highly aromatic: fresh, minty.
  • Colour: Green
  • Harvesting: Mint is a greedy perennial that at first develops into a tidy, bushy green clump, but soon enough, it’s off to conquer the rest of the garden. The herb is best confined to a container. You can begin picking mint leaves in the spring as soon as the plant has leafed out and continue to harvest as often as possible. Not only will harvesting mint leaves frequently keep the herb in check, but it indicates to the plant to produce new aromatic foliage. The more you pick, the more the herb will grow, meaning you can pick sprigs throughout the growing season.
  • Endangered: Not endangered plant.



    Mint is a magical herb that can be used for protection, healing, luck, and attracting love. It's super low maintenance and attracts abundance and prosperity while protecting one's home and energy. When working with mint as a Plant Allie, you can connect to the wisdom it holds. Teaches personal strength and power. 

    The mint plant repels bad vibes from people surrounding you. The plant will help you find that sweet spot of meditation within yourself if you have had a rough day.

    • Mint is connected to the element of Earth and carries feminine energy
    • Associated with the Zodiac sign Taurus


    Mint has many beautiful attributes for medicinal purposes. It is possible to treat stomach woes and boost immunity. Mint is a great ingredient to add to skincare products that tackle acne. An excellent herbal remedy for common colds, oral health, asthma and allergies. It is a great manager and stress reliever when tackling stress, headache and tension. Having a mint plant helps one with insomnia.

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