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Black Sage: Spiritual Meaning, Uses & Benefits
Everything you need to know about the plant Black Sage.


Plant history

Black sage was used traditionally by Native Americans known as the Chumash people to form an herbal soak for the bath to be used in the treatment of bodily pain, specifically for the feet and lower legs.

Salvia mellifera (black sage, also known as seel by the Mahuna) is a small, highly aromatic, evergreen shrub of the genus Salvia (the sages) native to California, and Baja California, Mexico. It is common in the coastal sage scrub of Southern California and northern Baja California.

Plant Identification

  • Origin: Central and Southern California and Northern Baja
  • Growth: Black sages grows quickly up to 3 feet in height, but mature specimens can reach up to 6 feet in height and 10 feet in width.
  • Plant family: Lamiaceae (mint family)
  • Scent: Minty
  • Colour: Dark green
  • Harvesting: As sage is generally evergreen, the leaves can be picked at any time of year, but fresh growth in summer has the best flavour.
  • Endangered: Not endangered.



Black sage is a purification method that also changes your state of consciousness, allowing you to connect with divine guidance. Used to encourage dreams and visions, Black Sage is an herb of introspection and inner healing. 

Black sage is used to encourage visions and vivid dreams. Cleansing and purifying your space: It helps increase positive energy in your home by removing all the negative and harmful energies. Before smudging, you need to set your intentions. Make sure your mind focuses on what you want to achieve.

  • Sage is connected to the element; Air and carries masculine energy
  • Associated with the Zodiac sign; Sagittarius


Black Sage has many wonderful attributes for medicinal purposes. When burned during or before bedtime, this herb aids pleasant dream and a restful sleep all through the night. For these and other reasons the herb is known as an herb of inner healing and introspection. Other people find Mugwort aromatherapy scent enticing. If there is a place in your home or office space that is susceptible to the foul smell, placing a sage stick will leave a refreshed scent.

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