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Worm Moon March 18th 2022 Energy Update


We Connected with our sister moon this month, everything is rising!

This months moon energies showed us that there is so much of our inner darkness pushing to the surface. Other people have been mirrors or triggers to onesself, even the tiniest remarks can cause explosions. But it is all for the highest good, to reflect, see and understand everything happening. Transmute the old into new energies with the worm moon🪱.

Sometimes our darkness can be our greatest magic, we have the power within to transmute into the light. Begin this full moon energy with self healing, By digging deep into the shadows, to be able to shift into the best version of yourself.

Remember to stay in your heart space for this and don't be tough on yourself. Firstly give yourself that love as it is tough to face truths at times.

But always give love to those who showed you the lessons which needed overcoming.

Happy Full Moon cosmic beings of the universe 🌕 ✨


We poured our water this month into our singing bowls. We practically live in the forest where trees and lakes surround us and we are also sitting across a ley-line of the earth, perfect alignment!.

The full moon ceremony we performed was between 9:35-10:55 pm. The sky was clear, and the moon pierced her gorgeous energy over our singing bowls. We sat in the ceremony and played the singing bowls and chanted sounds and vibrations that we were feeling with the energies of Worm moon and Spring Equinox.

It was grounded and a beautiful ceremony we held. As we sat on the earth, important information was channelled through to us about 'energy is pulling' it is being ripped up from the heart we carry, it is density that is like 'stringy goo' it needs to be removed. This is why we have been guided by sister moon to put these essential ingredients in this month's water spray.


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