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Wolf Moon January 17th 2022 Energy Update


Happy 1st Full Moon of 2022 all you beautiful beings✨

Big energies are coming this year, the next wave of shifts and ascension. Let's get to work with some deep inner healing and shadow work. 😊

It is about stepping into our own power and acknowledging that we all have self worth. We was not created by accident and we all carry a purpose to one and others journey. Make sure you take some time to work with your shadow self this month (great time whilst this magical Full moon energy is at peak.)

We may not have bought an awareness to our loved ones. Are we causing ourselves more pain by allowing those to hold us back? Its time to step into that frequency you hold and make some big changes, allowing room for new and bigger energies to match yours. We are all on our own path at different paces. Its all for us to learn and grow.

Boundaries are huge and it is very connected to our self worth. Make sure you are heard loud and clearly. It is important that each and every one of us has our personal space within our lives, minds and body. We may all be connected but we also have a individual path to fulfill.

We are aligned with the energies of cancer with this divine wolf moon, make sure you take some time to ground and keep your conscious mind open to different perspectives during these heightened energies.

With love,
Enter The Stargate 🌌


This wolf moon has been really interesting as it was in alignment with the cacao ceremony we performed before the wolf moon, so that we can recieve the download.

We began our ceremony between 10:44-11:44 collecting the beautiful energies of the moon water in Northumberland. We called in the Pleiadian energy whilst we were making our way to the tide. We asked our Pleiadian brother and sisters to sing through us into the water for the benefit of love and higher vibrations.

This months moon was very important as it was about balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine within us all, the plants aligned so perfect as chamomile is very masculine and mugwort is feminine.

Whilst we were singing to the moon and the water, we had a group of beautiful dolphins approach us. Which we felt their vibrations and vocalising was apart of this ceremony.

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