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Super Sturgeon Moon 11.8.22

Super Sturgeon Moon Energy

We worked with Sister moon under the Lionsgate portal, which showed a deep connection with water and fire right now. They are quite the opposite but they can also merge nicely. Water representing the Zodiac coming through of Aquarius. The Lionsgate {Heart of the Lion}. Showing us that we need to focus of all the things that we are storing in the sacral and heart chakras. 

Do you understand your heart? What is within you that is causing deep pain, distortion or anxieties within? Where is it coming from? Are you causing pain to yourself? It is time to release this from your heart space and understand it deeper. Whilst this super moon is under the lionsgate portal, it is an excellent time to release your inner lion. Truth, personal power, authenticity, connect to your desires and see through all the lessons and your souls past. Connect to element water to cleanse, purify release and help your energy flow within your system. Call in this element into your ritual, meditation or journey.

Water calms the fire, work with this beautiful element to help you shift your frequency where you need to be, if you can bathe or swim under the full moon that would be an excellent opportunity for you to rebirth your energy. Lionsgate has also been about rebirth and reconnection and so allow yourself to reconnect to the lost parts of yourself, connect to the fragments of your soul that need to be called back. Ask water to cleanse any density, jealousy/evil eye that has been sent your way, it is not yours to take and should be returned back to the original owner with love. 

A small fire ritual or ceremony would be a great idea, or simply to be done during meditation or shamanic journeying even with a candle light. Process, understand why these situations/emotions are causing you so much internal pain/physical reactions. Why cant you let go, release it all from you, cry or roar out these emotions. We have now entered the new galactic year with much more room and drive then. Connect with these elements or spirit guides to assist and help you to understand and gain a new awareness.

There is still time to release and connect to your higher timelines to seek your purpose, destiny and desired future timeline. Excellent opportunity to work with this Super moon & Lionsgate 11.8.22.

Sturgeon Super Moon

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