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Super Strawberry Moon 14th June 2022 Energy Update


Super Strawberry Moon 14th June 2022 Energy Update

Strawberry moon blessings everyone! 🌙🌚🌝,

We have once again connected with our beautiful sister moon for the Strawberry full moon energy in alignment with Sagittarius energy.

Although the seasons are blooming, we will be feeling recharged and blissed by our father sun. However we can't ignore energies that are ready to leave, as we are cleansing and recharging it is important for us to ensure we are leaving room for this energy, so that means its important to face repeating history that only becomes more painful and prominent in our lives.

Sister moon tells us to work on our energy, letting go of ancient, karmic and repeating situations. Be grounded, still and observant to see lessons from more than one perspective. It is time to expand our awareness beyond our own, whilst setting the boundaries. There is lots of emotional inconsistency so there will need to be a lot of self care, grounding and connecting to mother earth. Make time to release, accept and work on the mind body and spirit. Lots of blocks will be showing that we say " i cant" too, It is time to face those fears. Much more is waiting over the horizon.

Whilst all these energies are happening it is important to ensure we are giving ourselves some high vibrations or positivity and love.


Super Strawberry Moon Water 14th June 2022

Link for moon water here

Moon water Ceremony

As we have been attending shows we worked with the moon energy from home in a plant ceremony. We worked with the full moon & water under the night sky, with the cosmos lighting up and stars shooting across the sky. It was magical and beautiful, making us feel & see the gratitude for existence. We intentionally put high healing vibrations into the water for this month

Blue Sage

Peeling back layers allows us to rediscover who we are. Blue sage is holding us in that space whilst keeping us into level headed mode. Energetically protecting our energy field from vulnerability and distortion.

Cherry Quartz

Your energy and effort has been acknowledge and honoured. courage & consistency is key. New opportunities can now unfold.

Natural Pink Daisies

Vibrancy, positive energy and lifted spirits.

Passion Fruit Essential Oil

Sister moon says "My face turns red, my flowers are rising and my heart is singing." as she gave us the scent of passion fruit. She wrapped our energy around in her blooming red aura with daisy flowers to hold us during these spring/summer times with unconditional love & happy vibrations. 

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