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Snow Moon February 16th 2022 Energy Update


Happy Full Moon!

Wow, this months energies are revealing the duality within. When we connect to our divine sister moon every month, she will connect us to the energies that need shifting and releasing on a collective level.

This month has been pretty heavy for emotional stability. This moon energy is connected to the Leo sign whilst taking an alignment with Saturn. Even though we are connecting to this astrological energy. We were shown to connect this months energy to Jupiter, because it is about turning the leaf, accepting there is new beginnings and soul growth. To Manifest from your heart as there is greater duality right now and it is an important time to connect with the soul. Remove from your headspace and be with your heart.


We collected this gorgeous moon water twice. We found a wonderful part of the beach at 15:39-16:39pm (perfect synchronisation!) This was quite a funny experience, chaotic and stormy! We were being blown away by the air and the water. But the beauty of this was that we laughed through the storm. It was a perfect time, we had the moon and the sun in the sky. The moonlight began to reflect on to the ocean and the energies felt very masculine crossing into feminine, the light going into darkness. We spent some time collecting the waves and channelled singing through our bodies together. The elemental message we felt from this was " the light and the darkness is around and within us all, when a storm is happening you must make the most out of it, acknowledge the current status and embrace the chaos, shine your love and light through all of it." 

That night we did in fact spent sometime by the sand dunes to sing some songs, embrace the beautiful stars and the snow moon. At this time The tide came to the other side of the beach, around 11pm. we collected some extra moon water to fully feel that divine feminine moon charged water. The energy was calm, collective and still. The difference between both collection times tell a wonderful story.

This spray/mist has been created with all intentions under the February Snow moon of 2022. Our Sodalite crystals that are placed in each bottle have been coded by the galactic beings to bring various vibrations within the moon water. click here to read about our galactic/crystal coding. We performed a Cacao ceremony before the Snow moon to receive this wonderful information about the plants and energy needed.

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