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Pink Moon April 16th 2022 Energy Update


This months energies is about nourishing the mind, body and soul. Expanding our hearts with the vibrations of love. In order to do so, one must be spending some time with the self. This year has already held much density, stress and worries for the world.
Take some time to reconnect to your body, give yourself some positivity and self love. The pink moon represents love and flourishing for the spring. It is time to let go, release old energy that is stopping one from being in the highest vibration, disconnect your heart and mind from toxic surroundings and relationships.
This month is about the self, it is neither selfish or unworthy, Pink moon says we must embrace ourselves to embrace all that life has to offer. Manifest and work with your heart to feel, move and navigate your path.
The heart is very important this month as there is heaviness being carried.


We poured our water this month into our singing bowls to be soaked by the moon energies. We practically live in the forest where trees and lakes surround us and we are also sitting across a ley-line of the earth, perfect alignment!. We let this one calmly settle over night the importance of night fall to breaking dawn felt significant to this energy. 

We was given a light code to put into this months moon water, it holds the higher state of frequencies from the 7th Dimension. Pushing our energy to make room for growth. Dark energies are trying to leach onto the heart therefore higher vibrations are required to amplify love, rejuvination, aura protection.

This spray/mist has been created with all intentions under the April Pink moon of 2022. The galactic beings have coded our Apricot agate crystals placed in each bottle to bring various vibrations within the moon water. Click here to read about our galactic/crystal coding. We performed a Cacao ceremony before the Pink moon to receive this wonderful information about the plants and energy needed.

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