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Flower Moon & Lunar Eclipse May 15-16th 2022 Energy Update


Full Moon & Eclipse Blessings Everyone 🌙🌚🌝,

We have connected with our beautiful sister moon for the Flower/Blood Moon & Eclipse energies for this month.

Sister moon tells us that the Flower moons energy this month is about bringing positive changes into our lives and energy system, this year we have had so many solar flares, cosmic frequencies and all sorts coming down to earth, shaking us to shift, break, rebuild and endless possibilities. It is time to accept the past, whatever has happened recently let that go if you have not already and learn to navigate the present and near future, being caught up with old energy will bring on patterns and behaviours that will become difficult and challenging to release down the line. Spend some quality time to bring through the higher connection with the divine energies, your guides or spiritual team. There is much that awaits to greet you for your destiny. An excellent time to manifest, be in your heart space for this and call in the prosperity and abundance you truly deserve.

You can bring this energy in more fluid if you have been working on the clearing as you are making room for unconditional love and higher frequencies to flow through you and your path. The lunar eclipse will be an extremely powerful time for cleansing our emotional waters and setting intentions for renewal and rejuvenation. They are deeply transformative times that can bring abrupt and sudden change. Eclipses are like the cosmic calling to help the Universe.

Dont forget that we are also entering a Mercury Retrograde as of May 10th which is heightening the energy and making us extra sensitive to its effects.


Coming soon.


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