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Light Code Of Protection | Galactic Coding From The Dragons 28.2.22

We are back to downloading light codes into our crystals! This is our fifth guided meditation to access the galactic crystal coding energies. If you haven't already connected to our first meditation, it would be advised to do so; this is a safe space and guidance we have created for you to work with our galactic energies in a heart space frequency.

Connecting to this months energies
The energies of this month have been intense. We have had portals, the snow moon and important energy dates of numerology and alignments. Energy has been shown to move rapidly and fast. However, it is easy for us to get lost and distorted within that time. So we need to protect our light.
Talia connected to the energies of the andromedians, who informed her that there had been an emotional heightening within the earth. There is a rapid rollercoaster of light and darkness. Which means it has been distorting and penetrating the energy fields of our kind. The Andromedian guide blew the light code into Talia and Chris energy field to experience using and working with the protection light code.

Chris experienced pain in the solar plexus. When we connected to the pain, Chris was shown that the light code would be active within the energy that gets pulled the most. It protects the soul where it is unprotected and manipulated by exterior energies most of the time.

The Dragon Kingdom
During this process, Chris was taken to the Dragon Kingdom. The dragons work on the earth's gridline to protect our mother and the souls living there. We will guide you through a visual journey to cleanse and release density from your energy field with the vibrations of the dragons. We ask that you connect with the crystal you feel drawn to activate this protection light code within yourself, extracted by the crystal. This crystal can be used daily for the protection of higher frequencies.
This is the light code that the Andromedian guide showed us; the integration ceremony was performed on 22.2.22, our crystals are now activated with this new light code.

To begin your journey with the light code and your crystal, please listen to our guided meditation below:

annie sealy
annie sealy 28/02/2022

Thank you, it was very well timed and tuned into what I needed to overcome my blocks.

Sheena 28/02/2022

Thank you. Love this! I’m so grateful to you


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