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Journey To The Pleiades Star | Galactic Coding 31.1.2022

Our first download of the galactic coding; 2022. This is our fourth guided meditation to access the crystal coding energies. If you haven't already connected to our first meditation, it would be advised to do so; this is a safe space and guidance we have created for you to work with our galactic energies in a heart space frequency, it is essential to be in this frequency before entering a journey with us to the stars. 

Connecting to this months energies

As we performed our first ceremony for the galactic download to mother earth, we were approached by a Pleaides guide named Akrim. Akrim is a light being who came to us to give messages and light codes to the new earth that we are now adjusting to. This months energy is all about deciding where you sit with your frequency. Do you wish to remain in fear? Do you want to experience a life filled with unconditional love, trust and freedom? 

Connecting to Pleiadian Akrim

Akrim is a loving translucent light being. He is a guidance to finding your life in the new 5th dimension, giving you the choices that you rightly have. Akrim took us through a guided meditation that we have translated to bring to you. Akrim comes with a deeper message about finding the essence of who we are how it is your choice if you wish to carry density, exterior energies. We will take a journey to the Pleiades star and embark on a journey of releasing energies, cleansing and letting go. The Pleiades is all about bringing in unconditional love for not only the earth but yourself; give yourself time to be free. You can work with any crystal of your choice through this meditation, as it will be placed over your thymus chakra (situated between your throat and heart chakra). 

Akrim will blow this light code into your thymus chakra and crystal.

Here is the channelled message:

"Don’t be afraid to fall, be one with the universe, just like when you fly. When you fear you fall backwards, out of control, out of line. Be at one, listen to what mother earth has to say as well as the universe, and everything in-between as we are all one.” 

This is the light code that Akrim the Pleiadian presented to us and was placed through the last ceremony for 30.1.2022

To begin your activation journey, please visit our video below.

Ellie.M 18/02/2022

Awesome meditation, thank you so much for doing your service!! This has given me much inner healing to work on..

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