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Cosmic Light Code | The Sirians 31.3.22

Welcome to this month's channelled light code! We had alterations with our guides and galactic beings with how we present the codes for you to put in yourself or crystals that have not been purchased through our ceremonies. 

Connecting to this month's energies

We both connected to our Sirian Guide, who has given us the following message for the collective to read:

"Dear All Creators,

It is time for you to seek, not want or need. Your path on earth is critical right now for you to align with your heart frequency. By working with this light code, it is placed in your crown for consciousness expansion. Bring awareness to your thoughts and actions. Remember that every frequency we digest and accept; puts us onto a different timeline. Work with this code and meditation to bring some clarity to your uncertainties."

This light code unlocks the crown chakra on a spiritual, psychological and emotional state. We are bringing awareness to our physicality and how to navigate our vibration. During the video below, we will guide you to a protective space for you to connect. Listen to the questions and connect with your guides, higher self or ancestors to bring you the information you need. When we think of the crown, it represents our spirituality and connection. Is it time to question the structures we build around our lives and are they blocking us from reaching a life we require to live?

You can activate the light code through you or your crystal first, ensure you feel comfortable with the process and go at your own pace. These are higher frequencies from multi-dimensional energies. 

Guided Meditation 31.3.22


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