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Cosmic Light Code May | New Earth Frequency

Welcome to May-June's channelled light code! We had alterations with our guides and galactic beings with how we present the codes for you to put in yourself or crystals that have not been purchased through our ceremonies. Cosmic Light codes are evolving with feeling and experiencing the frequencies. This month will show the development of our Cosmic Light Code service.

Connecting to this month's energies

Indigo Star Beings of The Earth showed in younger energies as they are of service in spirit and on the earth. These indigo beings were digging into the earth and placing their hands and feet with burial and allowing energies to shift and release that are blocking the collective from being anchored and still in the new 5D energies.

The intention is to sit, be still and empty. You will become ready to receive the new frequency light code of mother earth and the cosmos once you have fully let go of emotions and any negativity blocking or holding you down. To understand why these situations have happened, the lessons within this and the root cause. The vibration comes through in a sphere motion with the light code below, releasing old energies, being grateful, accepting and allowing these new energies to come through you. During this meditation, it has been created to allow you to feel the new vibrations entering and anchoring through your body and mother earth.

"We have received the cosmic light codes from our cosmic father, coming through our energy system and into mother earth, allowing us all to become one and anchored with our new sacred essence, connected to ourselves, each other and nature."

Cosmic Light Code:

Guided Meditation 31.5.22

Yvette Wyatt
Yvette Wyatt 01/06/2022

Waiting to hear from you

Yvette Wyatt
Yvette Wyatt 01/06/2022

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