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Cosmic Light Code 30.6.22 | The Consciousness Split

Welcome to June-July's channelled light code! We had alterations with our guides and galactic beings with how we present the codes for you to put in yourself or crystals that have not been purchased through our ceremonies. Cosmic Light codes are evolving with feeling and experiencing the frequencies. This Light Code has been downloaded into a meditation and healing frequency for you to experience. 

Connecting to this month's energies

We did all of our cosmic work under the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. We worked with plant medicine to connect with the cosmic frequencies that were coming down into the earths ley lines. We had quiet a magical experience with this one as we could see golden threads & a portal shape opening under the stars. Stars moving across the night sky and amazing flashes, shooting stars and lots of activity! We did connect to Orion & Pleidian beings, communicating with us telepathically as we download the information about the earth & collective vibrations. It sent us on a journey of distortion, emotional conflict and separation. Allowing us to understand the divide.

As we connected to the coding coming down it showed us that this light code is to help humanity regain the connection between their hearts and mind. 

No matter what you face, you must stand in your frequency as humanity needs strength right now to pull through and anchor. When we connected to the Rising Stone at Stonehenge, the spirit of the stone said in this time, the human collective are different facets of energy, and it is essential for us to maintain the frequency one holds no matter what challenges arise.Cosmic Light Code June 30th 2022

  • Rebirth
  • Energy Upgrading / Galactic awareness
  • Accessing new dimensions & beings
  • Finding your balance between the Consciousness split (will you live in fear or love)
  • True purpose
  • Your internal vibration domino affects the collective
  • Reflecting 
  • Inner work, truth and authenticity

Cosmic Light Code:

This is what we could see in the night sky, it was amazing to connect to what we see in the physical dimension. This meditation will take you on a journey to connect with the fears or trauma that is separating you from living your life in love and authenticity. 

Guided Meditation 31.5.22

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