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Raise Your Vibration | Galactic Coding 31.10.2021

Introduction to coding for 31st October 2021

Welcome to our first blog of channelled coding. A complimentary service we are offering to all customers who have purchased our coded crystals. Each time we receive a coding, you will find a new blog to implement into your new crystals. 

You are more than welcome to integrate both codings or on separate occasions. Our guidance is from the galactic nations and spirit beings who have coding and messages to bring to you on earth to assist your spiritual growth.

Journey with the coding Channelled by Chris 

Connecting to The Arcturian Nation - Aniz

I connected to Aniz, who is within the Arcturian nation. The symbol above was channelled to restore the lost energy we subconsciously giveaway. Often we build barriers and belief systems around our life experiences that we believe keep us safe and guarded. Aniz explained that these belief systems cause our frequency to stagger and creates barriers to suppression. The coding that Aniz provided was to channel through and penetrate these barriers. It breaks through the barriers exposing our vulnerabilities and inner darkness.

This code clears and purifies your channel. It carries kundalini energy bringing alignment and rebalancing ourselves with our mind, body and soul. The coding allows the shifts to take place and remove any staggered or unwanted energies that block our natural frequency. 

Aniz says: "If we do not align, we cannot raise our frequency and channel because it is staggered and suppressed with dense frequency; this is our foundation to reaching the full potential of our spiritual connection. Once we break down these false belief systems, we can start exposing our weaker points and transmute the healing into a stronger and high vibrational frequency."

The Arcturians have also downloaded a scroll of golden light codes of ancient knowledge. This holds additional sacred information and upgrades shown to the people required; this may be received as a download when integrating the light code provided.

Journey with the coding channelled by Talia 

Connecting to Hybrid Sister Arcturian - Inaku 

" I am the hybrid sister of Aniz, a part of the Arcturian nation. My hybrid energy holds the Pleiades and Arcturian descendants. I hold the energy to support this coding and frequency to open the heart space. We are presenting you with this coding to show you what you cannot see within." 

This coding is used to show you the deep trauma and fragmented parts of your soul. Use this code to call back the fragments and to restore any lost energy. Vision a golden light within the blue sphere and place this over your heart chakra. Allow the collected fragments to be placed back into your heart, protected by the golden light. 

You may call in on my energy to nurture any emotions or feelings that may occur. We are here to assist with the challenging times on earth. Open your heart chakra and allow the coding to set into your energy system. We are the community of love. We are the star family you may connect with to release any unwanted energy and pain. We support your journey of the earth contract, and we understand each life experience birthed into your reality. 

You must set the intention " I am allowing the coding to place the light on the areas required. Sister of the light code, allow you to show me the way." 

Definition: Inaku will show you the way to the healing that needs to be brought to light from within. You may set this intention to bring awareness to the healing required.

We come from a collective of stars that deeply love the human race. You may call on us in times of sadness and support. Trust our nation to work with you; we may upgrade your energy system to insert the heart frequency in your body to raise your vibration. We will only do this if this resonates with you.

Entering the space - A Guided Journey Meditation

Kiren 08/11/2021

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