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Summer Solstice Portal 20.6.22-21.6.22

Solstice Energy

It was really lovely for both of us to take some time off. Although we do stone circles monthly, we felt so much gratitude to give ourselves the weekend and half the week off. Its the first time we've truly done this since we opened our store nearly 5 years ago.

One of our main purpose it to work with Pachamama's land and sacred sites. Being at Stonehenge was more than a celebration to us. It was working with one of the centres and heart of mother earth, that opportunity fills our hearts and soul.

Over the night we connected with the cosmos and the magnetic frequency lines and decided to celebrate in the morning as the downloads & heightening of the portals were unbelievable. 🍄 the stars are super cosmic under Stonehenge and the energy, coding and upgrades were just words we couldn't ever begin to translate. Being able to bring our crystals in and integrate this is so exciting to share! 🙌 ⭐

The solstice is about rebirth, reflection and self-awareness. There is a division in the collective "The Split", which is starting to fruition into the 3D or the 5D+ consciousness. We must be compassionate and understand that everyone has come for different purposes, missions and achievements. However, this split shows us dimensionally through our spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical bodies.

We connected to the cosmos & the portal through dimensional plant medicine, allowing us to access these realms, activities and frequencies. A lot of the coding was about awakening the souls to their decision of how they will lead their path from now. We are in an intense year as it is the first chapter of the Golden Age. We are either being split into a state of fear or love. The light codes that came through were the next stage in humanity, deepening our connection to ourselves, mother earth and our cosmic origins.

No matter what you face, you must stand in your frequency as humanity needs strength right now to pull through and anchor. When we connected to the Rising Stone at Stonehenge, the spirit of the stone said in this time, the human collective are different facets of energy, and it is essential for us to maintain the frequency one holds no matter what challenges arise.

  • Rebirth
  • Energy Upgrading
  • Cosmic Awakening / Galactic awareness
  • Accessing new dimensions & beings
  • Finding your balance between the Consciousness split (will you live in fear or love)
  • True purpose
  • Your internal vibration domino affects the collective
  • Reflecting 
  • Inner work, truth and authenticity



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