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Pleiades Portal 16th-24th May

Happy Portal Weekend! The Pleiades portal is open! We will be working on bringing through meditation & the cosmic light coding from this open energy portal. Energies came through yesterday; today is an excellent activation day to receive the cosmic frequencies and work within and on the timelines.

The portal officially opened on the 15th. However, the energy activation began on the 19th-20th of May when the portal has been bringing down the cosmic light codes to mother earth and all of us here. 

Our Father sun is moving into alignment with the Pleiades from 19th-24th of May 2022. Today is a peak activation day {20th}, especially for Twin flames and those who are entwined to be bought back together. There are various light codes being pushed down into mother earth right now for the collective.

The Cosmic light codes consist of DNA activation, raising your frequency to a higher state, and working to remove karmic debt and wounding.

Ask to receive these light codes into your energy system and work with what has been given to you. Intergalactic wisdom is available for you to tap into.  Spend some time in nature or in a sacred space to work on your energy, it is a great opportunity for setting intentions, growth and receiving healing from our cosmic family.

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