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2222 Twin Flame Portal
✨ 2222 Portal is open loved ones ✨.
This year is all about bringing in unconditional love. In order to do so, we must surrender to blocks, pathways that are not aligning for us. Therefore surrendering to our control and riding with the waves of energy.
It is a very difficult but magical time to be alive. When we get out of our heads it allows our hearts to expand and receive all these higher frequencies that are waiting for us to accept and spread to our people.
The twin flames are being called in, twin flames are rare and hold a very special vibration. They are one soul, but split into two. Usually to come to the earth dimension to raise consciousness, wisdom, unconditional love and reconnect. Pachamama needs the love of twin flames right now to come together and help.
When you set your intentions today/tonight, place yourself in the highest state of love. This will allow full potential of your manifestations. Connect to the universal portal, ask for the guidance to surrender to all that is blocking you on your path to greater abundance. 🙏🏼
Today we will be in ceremony to call all of this energy in, to be of assistance to our mother earth. Connect to the twin flame energies and sending out unconditional love.
Happy portal day 👽✌

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