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Everything you need to know about Septarian.


Septarian is a member of the Carbonate family and its chemical formula is n{CaCO3} p{CaMg(CO3)2}. It has a hardness of 3.5-4 on the MOHS scale.

Septarian comes in beautiful shades of black, gold, brown and tan colours. It is found in several locations around the world and is readily obtainable. 

Septarian specimens are geodes that are a combination of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone and white or clear barite. Eventually, bentonite is replaced with limestone, resulting in the nodule turning to stone. 

Septarian is one of the most beautiful and interesting stones that you will see. That’s because no two stones look exactly the same!

Is Septarian an agate? - An agate may have crystals in the centre, geodes can have stripes of colour, and Septarian nodules usually have both stripes and crystals.

Septarian best combines with:

  • Quartz: To enhance the Septarians energy output and the strength at which it vibrates.
  • Novaculite: Combine these two to remove your stress and anxiety and they can help you relax. Also, very helpful in meditation because they're also great calming stones.
  • Zebra Stone: These two will also improve your communication. This will be very helpful especially if you do a lot of public speaking. They can help you with your client presentations and how you share knowledge when you teach other people.
  • Snow Quartz: Pairing these can improve metabolism and help with kidney, blood, and skin disorders.
  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Earth
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Birthstone: March
  • Chakras: Root, Sacral, Crown


Septarian is believed to have formed during Earth's Cretaceous Period, which was roughly 50-60 million years ago. During this time, sea levels were much higher in places like southern Utah and Madagascar where this stone is found. Since much of the Earth was underwater, so were many of Earth's volcanos. As such, underwater volcanic eruptions happened from time to time.

When these eruptions would happen, it would wipe out any nearby sea life and all of their matter would fall to the seafloor. The minerals from the shells and prior life were attracted to the seafloor sediments and formed together to make nodules. Over time, as more sealife passed, they settled to the ocean floor where they would get mixed with the nodules even more.

After the oceans eventually receded back, we were left with these beautiful formations of Septarian nodules. The water dissipated and the formations began to dry. The minerals from all of the past sea life then crystallize and form Aragonite and Calcite crystals.



Septarian Nodule is a powerful grounding stone that awakens one’s connection to Mother Earth and the nurturing energy she provides. Ones root chakra will become activated when working with this stone, as well as vital life force energy being channelled throughout your body.

This powerful talisman is also a perfect tool to help one tap into past life energy and memories. Meditating with this stone over your third eye repeatedly can help produce visions of one’s previous life experience, as well as bring more understanding to your current life. Septarian will also help enhance one’s dreams and provide a vividness one has yet to experience. 


The metaphysical properties of Septarian provide confidence and peace. It lets you find joy in life and helps you discover your true, lifelong purpose.

Septarian’s most influential benefits govern the heart, mind, and soul. However, crystal healers say that it’s healing properties can positively impact your physical health as well.

Many say that it has a profound effect on muscle aches. When used during a crystal healing session, it’s said to soothe muscle spasms and alleviate bruises quickly.

Some say that the stone also helps with overall fatigue and weakness. Those who suffer from anaemia may feel more invigorated and strong. Meanwhile, individuals who suffer from joint paint might experience fewer debilitating aches.

The stone is also thought to encourage better sleep. It absorbs dark energy throughout the day, leaving very little to create bad dreams or night terrors. Instead, it’s said to promote relaxation so that you can experience restful sleep that lasts throughout the night.


Septarian is capable of washing away bad energy. It’s an auric sponge that can transmute negativity and turn it into something usable.

Everyone can benefit from emotional healing every once in a while. No matter how much control you have in your environment, you are bombarded by negative influencers wherever you go. From bad experiences to people who want nothing but to pass their bad vibes over to you, dark energy is everywhere.

Septarian will help you feel confident in your place in the world. The properties of this stone have a strong connection to our planet’s powerful forces, harnessing its powers and transferring them to you. It teaches you to be strong and encourages you to dig deep as you figure out your true purpose.

This rock radiates nurturing energy that prevents you from ever feeling lost or out-of-place. Septarian brings confidence and helps you being true to yourself. The meaning of Septarian pushes you to be strong and speak to your own needs. Rather than focusing on what makes others happy or what society tells you to do, it pushes you to stay true to who you really are.


Our Sectarian is sourced in Madagascar, a company we work with that has been established for many years and is known in the crystal industry for its ethical sourcing and strict policies. They have run their business through South Africa for over 30 years and have managed to make it work with the help of the Malagasy community, providing fair trade and giving back to the workers for their families. The wonderful family we purchase from have also set up a network of guys in the Lapidary business to cut and polish our polished pieces. Madagascar's landscape can be complex for the geologists; before carrying out the mining process, the entire area is scouted and thoroughly researched for other local materials, habitats and trenches.

None of our suppliers work with children under age. It is illegal in most countries now to mine with children, the businesses we work with comply and are registered under the Ethical sourcing conduct.

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