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Rainbow Fluorite

Everything you need to know about Rainbow Fluorite.


Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride (it is composed of the elements calcium and fluorine CaF2) and is a member of the halide minerals family. Measuring 4 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is quite soft and fragile.

Rainbow Fluorite comes in a wide range of colours and has consequently been dubbed "the most colourful mineral in the world". Every colour of the rainbow in various shades is represented by fluorite samples, along with white, black, and clear crystals. The most common colours are purple, blue, green, yellow, or colourless. 

Rainbow Fluorite can be found in many places worldwide, including major mines located in Brazil, Mexico, and the USA. 

Real Rainbow Fluorite glows under ultraviolet light. Fluorite hardness is very low, so there will be a lot of tiny scratches on the surface of real fluorite. Fake fluorite is mostly represented by glass or plastic. Fake fluorite made of glass can have bubbles and doesn’t glow under UV light.

Rainbow Fluorite best combines with:

  • Turquoise, Red Aventurine, Garnet, Tiger's Eye, Agate, Iolite, Carnelian or Malachite: Rainbow Fluorite will enhance these crystals and combined they will provide better protection.

  • Aquamarine, Sodalite, Moonstone, Amethyst, Serpentine, Rose Quartz or Hematite: For spiritual enlightenment and growth, Rainbow Fluorite works well with any of these crystals.
  • Goldstone, Red Jasper or Peridot: Combine with any of these crystals for luck, wealth and abundance.
  • Moonstone, Emerald or Onyx: These combined will work against bad habits and negative behaviours.
  • Element: Wind
  • Planet: Earth, Uranus
  • Zodiac: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Chakras: All 


Fluorite has been used for millennia for a variety of purposes. 

This mineral's name was derived from the Latin word "fluere" (which means to flow) because it is used as flux in iron smelting to help remove impurities from the iron during the processing of the ore. 

However, it was originally called Fluorospar, and this name is what Fluorite is often referred to in industry.  

The phenomenon of fluorescence was named in the 19th century after the mineral Fluorite because many high grade pure fluorite samples exhibit a fluorescent effect under UV light. 

In ancient Rome, Fluorite was one of the most prized crystals of the Caesars due to its complex designs. Historical documents show that Emperor Nero paid for a Fluorite cup, which would have cost $300,000 in today’s dollars.


Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilising stone, useful for grounding and harmonising spiritual energy. When working with the upper Chakras, Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops a connection to Spirit. Fluorite further anchors intuitive insights into the physical plane, allowing mental and physical coordination.

Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organisation and processing of information, and can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation. Fluorite absorbs negative energies from the environment and is effective at Auric and Chakra cleansing. Fluorite can also shield the user from psychic manipulation. Fluorite should be cleared often.

The healing properties of Rainbow Fluorite resonate deeply with all chakras, mainly due to its colour variety. Balancing each chakra is important in order to improve consciousness and overall health. Its wide variety of uses and benefits make this the ideal stone for chakra and spiritual healing. 


Rainbow Fluorite healing properties have many talents, and with its soothing nature, it can be very beneficial for relieving a sore throat. It is actually thought to help relieve the eyes and nose as well, which make it an ideal stone for combatting a cold or flu.

This is an all-around cleansing and healing stone. It cleanses and purifies the body that is in need of a little TLC. It strengthens and regenerates almost all areas of the body that need extra attention. 

Rainbow Fluorite can assist with osteoporosis, which is a disease that weakens the bones. It does this by strengthening the spine and promoting proper posture. Additionally, it aids with relieving stiff joints in order to enhance mobility. 


Rainbow Fluorite healing properties are wonderful for mental function and emotional health. This stone is efficient at allowing us to maintain an open mind while activating motivation and focus.

You may also choose to use Rainbow Fluorite at work if often find yourself getting overwhelmed or stressed out by your workload. The energy of fluorite offers a quick reset for you to step out of your anxious mind, and get back in tune with the stable energy of your body. Even a brief moment spent holding a fluorite stone in rejuvenating breathwork can dramatically improve your focus and attitude when you return to work


We source our Fluorite material from Chihuahua Mexico, our supplier travels to Mexico from Brazil to meet with the local mine owners and suppliers. Although we have a middle man to source this mineral all ethical sourcing and fair trade checks are carried out by our middle man to ensure safety protocols and genuine material.  All mining sites are scouted by our one supplier for Fluorite before the extraction to ensure it is safe and there will be no endangered behaviour to local animals and mother earth. They have an in house lapidary service where all our polished crystals are worked on once the material is shipped over. All factory workers and miners are paid fairly and work in safe conditions and the company is a family run business.

None of our suppliers work with children under age. It is illegal in most countries now to mine with children, the businesses we work with comply and are registered under the Ethical sourcing conduct.

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