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Honey Calcite

Everything you need to know about Honey Calcite.


Honey Calcite is a Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) mineral that occurs in masses and rhombohedral forms. Honey Calcite ranks 3 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. 

It is among the most common minerals found on earth because it takes various forms and occurs in different geological environments. The best specimens of this type of Calcite come from Mexico.

The lush tones of Honey Calcite are quite attractive. Also known as Golden Calcite and Amber Calcite, this crystal usually reflects a pale brown hue. However, the colour intensity is likely to differ from one piece to another, which could range from pale gold to golden to brown. Still, all honey calcite stones boast a semi-transparent or transparent finish that glows in the light.



The main difference between real and fake Honey Calcite is the real calcite double refraction phenomenon; its rhombohedral crystal form and perfect cleavage in three directions. Real calcite will react with weak acid, while other mineral fakes will stay inert. Also, real calcite glows under UV light.

Honey Calcite best combines with:

  • Pyrite: Together they will show you the right way to harness and use your personal power. It will also encourage responsibility, accountability, and leadership. It will increase your feelings of self-worth and help you recover from harmful or abusive situations.
  • Orange Calcite, Carnelian or Amber: Combine Honey Calcite with either of these crystals to open and activate a sluggish Sacral chakra.
  • Amethyst, Lepidolite or Sodalite: Combine Honey Calcite with either of these crystals to strengthen your Third eye abilities and access clearer insights, visions and wisdom. 
  • Botswana Agate or Bloodstone: When you want to have the strength and courage to handle the many changes in your life, you can pair your Honey Calcite with either of these crystals.
  • Element: Fire, Wind, Earth
  • Planet: Earth
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Chakras: Third Eye, Sacral, Root


Calcite comes from the Greek word 'Calix' meaning lime and is one of the most abundant minerals on earth.

Calcite is a remarkable mineral first put to use as a constituent of cement by the Early Macedonians. 

In the form of marble, Calcite has been used as a building and carving material for thousands of years. Nearly all of the carvings from ancient Egypt, which are often referred to as Alabaster, are, in fact, Yellow Calcite, including the famous Sphinx. 

There are few early references to the healing properties of Calcite, possibly because it has not always been considered to be a gemstone. The 12th Century healer Hildegard Von Bingen describes a Calcite poultice that can kill maggots in open wounds. 

In Norse legends, reference is made to a “sunstone” that the early Viking mariners used to locate the sun’s position on overcast days. This was more than likely the form of Calcite known as Icelandic Calcite, which has a polarizing effect on sunlight.


Honey Calcite is a good meditation stone and can be used to open and activate the Third Eye. It will help you attune to the higher mental planes as it grounds higher mental energies into the physical body, bringing mental alertness and a sense of “knowing”.

It also stimulates the will and its energy, especially if taken as an elixir, lifts the spirits, and encourages you to enjoy the sweetness of life. When used in meditation, it brings deep relaxation to both body and mind. 

Honey Calcite is ripe with receptive energies. Use this stone for rituals that are connected to new beginnings. It will also help you balance the use of your power.


Honey Calcite can be used for healing the bladder and the kidneys. It can also assist with any issue that concerns the female reproductive organs.

Honey Calcite is known to support a healthy immune system. When used regularly, it can also counteract the effects of immune-suppressive or immune deficiency medications.

Honey Calcite can help protect you and those you love from falling ill, and if you are often fighting off one bug or contagion after another, this can help prevent sickness from disrupting your life.

This stone can also speed up the recovery process of longer-term ailments and combat the side effects of some medications that make such recovery processes so hard to endure.

Honey Calcite can help in cleaning the elimination organs like the bladder, kidneys, and bowels.

It can also dissolve any calcification signs that build up on broken bones or bones affected by arthritis.

It can reduce skin conditions as well as intestinal conditions. It is also known to increase the blood clotting and tissue healing abilities of your body.

It can boost your immune system and help in relieving ulcers and wounds. It can also be highly effective in warts removal.


Honey Calcite has a comforting energy that is beneficial during times of stress and when you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities or feelings. It helps us recognise what we have created in our lives and how we can change things when we need to feel differently. 

It validates our emotions and shows us that we can prioritise those things that are for our greatest good. It encourages us to take control of emotional matters and to set healthy and clear boundaries with others.

Honey Calcite has a highly positive energy that inspires courage and confidence. It helps us see the humour in situations that may seem to be serious issues at first glance, and from there, we can take steps to rectify any imbalances that may be causing us emotional distress. 

Honey Calcite helps those who need to heal from abuse. It soothes away pain and heals the emotional wounds of abuse to grow strong and healthy. It helps to stop the cycle of abuse that often occurs in these situations and allows a person to access the positive energies of a healthy life.


We source our orange calcite material from Nuevo Leon Mexico, our miner travels to Mexico from Brazil to meet with the local mine owners and suppliers. Although we have a middle man to this mineral all ethical sourcing and fair trade checks are carried out by our middle man to ensure safety protocols and genuine material.

None of our suppliers work with children under age. It is illegal in most countries now to mine with children, the businesses we work with comply and are registered under the Ethical sourcing conduct.

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