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Golden Tiger Eye

Everything you need to know about Golden Tiger Eye.


Golden Tiger Eye is from the microcrystalline Quartz family and is noted for its beautiful chatoyancy. Chatoyancy makes it look like a cats eye with its fluidity of “movement” that reflects the light. Its chemical formula is SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and it is of the Hexagonal (Trigonal) crystal system. Golden Tiger Eye ranks 6.5 to 7 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. Its colouring is a beautiful yellow-gold to golden brown banding that seemingly shimmers.

Tiger’s Eye is found in Australia, India, Mexico, South Africa and the United States. The largest source for Tiger’s Eye is South Africa.

Tiger’s eye contains luminous layers of asbestos within a quartz matrix, forming complex but regular patterns, making it excellent for scrying. (Since it contains asbestos, please don’t use it for elixirs)


There are some easy ways to identify authentically and enhanced tiger eye;

  • It should look somewhat like Cats eye when you move the rock back and forth (note that not all pieces show this sheen).
  • Slowly tilt the stone back and forth and observe how the yellow colour band changes such that the inside of the stone appears to be moving. If the stone doesn’t have this effect, it means that it is not the real tiger’s eye.
  • The stone should look like glass in a way when reflecting the light. You should notice a silver-toned hue in the lustre when the stone is under the light.
  • Heated or dyed tiger eye will appear to be Red also known as Ox eye.
  • It is normal to find high amounts of Iron also known as Tiger Iron. (Mugglestone)

Golden Tiger Eye best combines with:

  • Brown Jasper: Both brown tones are highly beneficial for resolving internal battles and dilemmas caused by pride and jealousy. Both stones promote emotional awareness, alleviating the toxic and negative forms, repairing your aura, and bringing about balance and stability in your emotional life.

  • Citrine: As the citrine helps in your manifestation of wealth and carrying the power and might of the sun that brings about abundance, the tiger’s eye brings about the willpower and courage of the tiger, offering you a dynamic combination of earth and solar energy so you stay grounded and be sensible with money as well as protecting you from greed.

  • Pyrite: Giving you the courage, willpower, and self-confidence, both stones also support the spirit of boldness and assertive action. They allow you to take the risk and explore your talents and passion while ensuring that you stay humble and grounded.

  • Element: Fire, Earth
  • Planet: Sun
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Birthstone: June
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root


Tiger’s Eye was known and revered by ancient cultures. In the Oriental culture, this stone was linked with tigers due to its beautiful cat-eye like appearance, and they believed it gave the owner the strength and power of this noble act. It was used for good luck, protection and was thought to attract abundance. To this day it is still considered one of the stones of abundance. It was also thought to restore and balance one's yin yang energies.

The Egyptians placed Tiger's Eye as the eye in statues. It was considered to be an “all-seeing” stone and was used to denote the vision of divinity. Egyptians associated this stone with Ra, the Sun God, and Geb, God of the Growing Land. This made for a powerful protective combination of Heaven and Earth.

Roman soldiers wore Tiger’s Eye into battle with the belief that it increased their bravery and helped to deflect their enemies weapons. Protection, power and luck were core values attributed to Tiger’s Eye.

In all cultures, Tiger’s Eye was thought to ward off “evil eye” and other curses. It was believed to provide potent protection by deflecting negative psychic energies. This stone is considered to be a stone of good fortune and is highly coveted. It was thought holding it could help you recognise deception. 


Tiger’s eye is a great stone for putting “pedal to the metal,” taking charge of what you want and bringing it into reality. It’s also a traditional stone for warding off the evil eye. It also banishes frequencies heading your way which represent ill-wishing or hexes. It offers spiritual protection and makes an excellent bracelet or pendant to wear within your energy field. 

The directionality of these pieces has magic to it as well, it would be great for channelling universal energy. You can work with the golden tiger eye to aid power in your manifestation. Tiger eye works on our psychic abilities, it is a useful crystal to have if you are starting or practising readings for other people. Golden Tiger eye is the perfect vibration to work with your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, excellent for beginners!

If you have been dizzy or feeling disconnected from your physical body; Tiger eye connects to the earth element which allows you to ground with the energies of Tigers eye and mother earth. 

If you are working on raising your kundalini energy, the tiger eye is a great source of energy to allow the process to smoothly transition through all the chakras, when working with Kundalini energy it is important to know you have spiritual protection and this beautiful and high vibrational energy can attract darker energies to latch onto you. Knowing you have strong energetic protection makes sure we are safe and able to ascend. 


Although Tiger eye stimulates more emotional and metaphysical attributes it can help us in the physical dimension.

Aids you in sorting through details and completing tedious tasks, it allows us to pull ourselves together and set our minds into achieving the desired outcome. It brings our awareness to the bad habits that stop us from achieving these goals daily.

The Golden Tiger eye works through the eyes, it brings healing to our sight and dis-ease connected to this area. Use a Tiger eye wand or healing tool to energetically work on broken bones. (psychic surgery)

You can work with Tiger eye to connect to your reproductive system, if you are experiencing dis-ease or miss-alignments, connect through Tiger eye to show you the ways to work with your body. 


Golden Tiger Eye is a powerful energy stone that helps you to release depression, fear and anxiety. It aids by bringing harmony and balance. If we are lacking stability in our lives and emotional state, the tiger's eye is super grounding and nurturing to help us through those hard moments. 

Tiger eye is all about strength and confidence. It brings out our personal power and connects us to heal our insecurities and weaknesses. If you are struggling with judgement whether that is a projection of yourself or others, tiger eye allows us to recognise the words we project and to be more mindful, kind and compassionate.

It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions. 


Our Tigers eye comes from the Northern Cape of South Africa (Prieska). Exported to Brazil for Tumble stone polishing. We purchase other polished shapes through our miners in South Africa, who have the in-house lapidary team. The same process is for our Brazilian team who polish and break up rough material for the commercial market. Our miners are industry experienced and have worked with this popular material for more than 20 years, all miners are trained and equipped correctly and the business owners are in charge of ensuring safety and mining techniques are continuously transforming with the natural habitats and making mining safer and easier with upgrading equipment, keeping them safe and clean.

None of our suppliers works with children under age. It is illegal in most countries now to mine with children, the businesses we work with comply and are registered under the Ethical sourcing conduct and are paid fairly.

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