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Black Tourmaline

Everything you need to know about Black Tourmaline.


Black Tourmaline is a hexagonal crystal and part of the aluminium borosilicate family, and specifically, it includes magnesium, iron, and other metal elements that determine its colour. Black Tourmaline has a Mohs hardness of around 7-7.5, making it safe for the crystal to be in the water.

Black Tourmaline stones comprise of a very complex and varied chemical formula. The stones’ makeup is characterised by the presence of boron, a naturally occurring element.

Interestingly, earth’s major source of boron is magma, or molten rock. Black Tourmaline crystals comprise of boron, as well as aluminium, a number of hydrate molecules and silicon. It’s also common for Tourmaline to contain sodium or calcium (but not both), as well as lithium, magnesium or iron.

Knowing the volcanic formation of the pegmatite is key to understanding how Black Tourmaline stones are created.

Pegmatite is characterised by its coarse grain, which often contains very large crystals. It’s created when magma cools down. However, unlike other rocks formed from molten rock, pegmatite is developed from the aqueous solutions within the magma. These streaks of hot liquid are rich in elements like iron and silicon. Pegmatite rock forms as the mix of liquids cool down and form crystals. This rock contains a mix of different minerals, including Tourmaline.

When buying Black Tourmaline, you should be warned that there are many fakes in circulation. For example:

  • It is not uncommon to find synthetic silica which is sold as Black Tourmaline. There may be confusion with the stones onyx or obsidian. 
  • Black Tourmaline is incredibly hard. Try doing a scratch test if you aren't sure that your stone is Tourmaline. A very sharp needle will be able to scratch hard plastic, but not Tourmaline. If the needle easily leaves a mark on the stone, it is unlikely that the stone is real Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline best combines with:

  • Clear Quartz: Black tourmaline is known as the negativity absorber and king protector, whereas clear quartz is the master healer. When combined as one, these two crystals are transformative and powerful, enticing radical inner fluctuating. Further, when used in gridwork, these two crystals work superb together. 

  • Amethyst: Black tourmaline is popularly known for its properties of grounding as well as protection. Amethyst, on the other hand, is well-known for bringing peace and balance. When combined together, you will get a remarkable combination of grounding balance and peaceful balance.

  • Fire Agate: Fire agate and black tourmaline are two of the premier crystals for protection for negative energy. Pairing these two makes for one powerful crystal.

  • Smoky Quartz: The combination of black tourmaline and smoky quartz will result in a powerful grounding stone that will reconnect you with the Earth. Smoky quartz and black tourmaline are protective crystals that can give you power. They will make you feel daring, secure, as well as physically powerful. These crystals will also deepen your connection to the natural and physical world.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Neptune and Pluto
  • Zodiac: Capricorn and Scorpio
  • Birthstone: October
  • Chakras: From the root chakra to the crown chakra, the heart chakra to the third eye, Tourmaline works with all the chakras.


Brazil has been the world's leading source of tourmaline for nearly 500 years. In the 1500s Portuguese explorers obtained green and blue tourmaline from indigenous people and from panning streams in search of gold. They thought that these colourful stones were emeralds and sapphires and sent them back to Portugal, where they were cut into gems and used to make jewellery for royalty and wealthy citizens. (Tourmaline was not recognized as a distinct mineral until 1793.)

Beginning in the late 1800s, a steady stream of tourmaline discoveries have been made in the pegmatite deposits of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Since then, millions of carats of tourmaline have been produced in a wide range of colours, including much bicolour material. This diverse stream of tourmaline from Brazil has been the most important source for the worldwide gem and jewellery market.

The first commercial gemstone mine in the United States followed an 1821 discovery of tourmaline near the town of Paris, Maine. Over the past 200 years, significant amounts of pink and green tourmaline have been produced from dozens of Maine localities.

The most important source of tourmaline in the United States has been the tourmaline mines of southern California. Tourmaline has been mined there since the late 1800s. On the basis of cumulative dollar value, tourmaline has been the most important gem material mined in California. Most of this production occurred over 100 years ago in Riverside and San Diego Counties. Tons of red tourmaline was mined there and shipped to China, where it was used to make snuff bottles, carvings, jewellery and many other items. Today, a little tourmaline is being produced by small-scale mining. The miners today sell much of their best production as mineral specimens.



Black Tourmaline is deeply connected to the base chakras, those earthly roots that help you to feel safe and secure in your place upon this earth. When your root chakras are beautifully balanced and in check, this grants you that deep-seated self-confidence to embrace who you are, speak your truth, and set upon your own path to spiritual healing. And Black Tourmaline can pave the way.

Feeling grounded is one of the most fundamental ingredients for those of us on a personal journey. Without the joy of being gorgeously grounded, we may find ourselves feeling lost, adrift, unmotivated and unconnected to any deeper sense of self. It’s also important to feel protected, and this again is where Black Tourmaline comes in.


Black Tourmaline has plenty of physical benefits for those whose bodies could use an extra dose of toughness. Helping circulation, reducing the negative imprint of lung problems, boosting metabolism, and effectively cutting down on muscle aches and pains are just a few things that Black Tourmaline can do. As a wonderful supporter of all organ systems and the immune system, you can expect Black Tourmaline to pick up the pace when it comes to swift and smooth healing.

If you find yourself a sensitive soul when it comes to electromagnetic forces, then Black Tourmaline can be the stone you need. Laptops, phones, TV – these all give off a smog that can cause chaos in those who are prone to EMF sensitivity. Fortunately, Black Tourmaline can stop EMF in its tracks, forming a protective barrier and soaking up the smog.


Black Tourmaline is known for being a swallower of negative energies. It effectively helps the wearer be absolved of dark feelings, turning these anxious vibrations into a positive spin that nurtures the soul.

Also an amazing way to keep your root chakra ready and clear, meaning that you can bask in the brilliance of self-confidence, feel connected to those around you, and make decisions based on need, not fear.

Black Tourmaline is its ability to swap out detrimental patterns for positive ones. If you have old habits that aren’t serving you well, then Black Tourmaline will use its incredible frequencies to take all that energy and transform it into something pure and positive, helping you to consistently be on your best game and to achieve all that you can. 

Black Tourmaline can truly transform your potential for staying calm and collected. By cutting through anxious thoughts, protecting you from the negative energies of others, and helping you stay connected, you can say farewell to debilitating levels of stress and anxiety. When you welcome positive energy, you also pave the way for good luck to flow towards you. 


Our black tourmaline is sourced from Brazil. We work with a family run business that travels throughout brazil to extract only Brazilian minerals, gems and crystals. Tourmaline we purchase have been sourced through the Minas Gerais state, which is a pocket for many other local minerals. Our tourmaline returns to our supplier's warehouse for cutting, shaping and setting into our jewellery, tumble stones and polished items. The family-run business has been established for 30+ years. None of our suppliers works with children under age. It is illegal in most countries now to mine with children, the businesses we work with comply and are registered under the Ethical sourcing conduct. Machinery is constantly being checked and upgraded to ensure safety when extracting these minerals in caves and underground. Before extracting any materials mines and localities are checked by the companies geologist before extraction.

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