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Black Obsidian

Everything you need to know about Black Obsidian


Black obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. Obsidian forms when lava cools rapidly and has a mixture of components such as potassium, silicon, sodium, oxygen and aluminium with very minor crystal growth. It has a hardness of 5-6 on the Mohs Scale. Obsidian can range in colours from jet black, brown, greenish-brown, apache tears, mahogany, rainbow, gold and silver sheen. Obsidian is an igneous and amorphous rock. Obsidian has near absence of mineral crystals in the glass, this smooth, curved form of fracture surface occurs. Conchoidal fracture surface intersections may be sharper than a knife but means that the top of the fracture is curving smoothly.

Black obsidian is often sourced for industry in USA and Mexico. However where there is large amounts of lava wherever there is volcanic activity, therefore if looked for, you can find this material in many other parts of the world. 

Although it is not the most common crystal to be faked, there are sellers out there producing and retailing obsidian which in fact is man-made stained glass, here are some easy ways to spot them;

  • Blue, green, purple and any other bright colours are not natural obsidian, they are man-made glass.
  • Andara crystal has it's name in a variety of crystals and rocks, Andara is also another man made material that is sold at much higher prices it is left over scraps from manufacturing glass and it is sold on as crystals, rocks gemstones and minerals, in-fact it does not have any crystalline structure a t all.
  • Siberian named jewellery or minerals are lab grown and does not come from mother earth
  • If they are called anything but obsidian, it most likely going to be man-made glass for example: Gaia stone, Obsidianite, St helens, Helenite.
  • You can hold a piece of rough obsidian to light and it will show either a slim or thick edging of a brown colour. This is natural!
  •  Obsidian may have some brown-reddish matrix/rock, this is just where it has been mined and cut from quick cooling on other rocks and material.
  • Looks very obsidian to onyx however onyx feels more rough and edgy than obsidian, obsidian has a smoother texture.
  • It is possible for obsidian to have natural inclusions. However when obsidian is polished it is very difficult to find this, if the stone is more transparent and holds circular glass bubbles, then you may be looking at a man-made stone here.

Black obsidian best combines with:

  • Clear quartz: Balances the yin yang energies, feminine and masculine and also the positive and negative vibrations
  • Amethyst: Amethyst is a powerhouse crystal and can pretty much be paired with a large variety of crystals it works in harmony with black obsidian.
  • Citrine: Black obsidian is very protective using this with citrine in your business or work space will amplify protection and calling in energies of abundance
  • Obsidian can be used with any high vibrational crystal, it may clash with similar frequencies such as moldavite, black tourmaline, smoky quartz and any crystals that are deflective. 
  • Element: Water
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Birthstone: January


Obsidian is an igneous rock that forms above the Earth’s surface when molten rock cools very quickly. The result is a volcanic glass with a smooth, uniform texture. Obsidian can be found where lava comes into contact with water and around the edges of a volcanic dome or lava flow. Obsidian was highly valued in certain Stone Age cultures because it could be fractured to produce sharp blades or arrowheads. It was also polished to create early mirrors.


Obsidian is a soul healer, it facilitates us back to our past lives where we need to heal trauma and programmes that have been carried through to our current lives. When we work within we discover that sometimes the solutions lie in our existing lives or incarnations. It has an excellent deflective energy, can be worn around our energy field for spiritual protection. Obsidian is great to place at the entrance of your home to keep at bay entities and negative vibrations, it absorbs and transmutes with clear quartz the unwanted vibrations. If you are experiencing psychic attacks or vampirism, it is a great energy to wear over your solar plexus or heart chakra. If there are deceitful guides or spiritual energies obsidian will be your guardian and warning to let you know there is an unauthentic energy around.

Use obsidian around your root chakra, it is very grounding and will act as an anchor through your energy all the way to mother earth. Excellent energy for shamanic healers, it has a ceremonial vibration to remove residue and psychic dis-ease. If you are finding letting go our clearing energy blockages, work with obsidian as a healing tool to release this energy. 


Empaths, it can be really tough tackling the other energies some other beings are carrying. Obsidian will work with your sensitive energy and heart chakra by protecting your vibration with obsidian vibrations. Brings up emotional and child hood traumas that need to be worked on, including on the ancestral and DNA line. Obsidian brings up our old patterns and behaviours that need to be release and rested. It holds great clarity to the mind and holds the space for shadow work and teaches you how to discover who you truly are. If you are struggling to come away from negative thoughts, it dispels the negative vibration that is trying to stay within your energy field. Use with rose quartz to replace the energies with loving frequencies.

If you are a councillor or therapist, wear or use obsidian in the room to keep the energies at bay and to ensure you are not absorbing exterior energy into your body.


Obsidian works on your emotional and spiritual body, bringing to light the dis-ease that carries through these dimensions. Once you have worked on each aspect bought to light the physical energy will be easy to locate. Obsidian is connected to the lower chakras, if you have issues with your bowel system or reproduction work with this amazing energy to bring to light all healing that is required. 


Our obsidian is sourced in Mexico. Seeing as obsidian is located around volcanic activity, machinery is required but with low impact and precaution. There are 3 large deposit sites that obsidian is commonly found in. Our supplier mines on a small scale with minimal environmental damage. All mining sites are scouted by our one supplier for obsidian before the extraction to ensure it is safe and there will be no endangered behaviour to local animals and mother earth. They have an in house lapidary service where all our polished crystals are worked. All factory workers and miners are paid fairly and work in safe conditions and the company is a family run business.

None of our suppliers work with children under-age. It is illegal in most countries now to mine with children, the businesses we work with comply and are registered under the Ethical sourcing conduct.

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