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Galactic Rebirth | Galactic Coding 31.12.2021

Happy Solstice & New year, everyone! This is our third guided meditation to access the crystal coding energies. If you haven't already connected to our first meditation, it would be advised to do so; this is a safe space and guidance we have created for you to work with our galactic energies in a heart space frequency, it is essential to be in this frequency before entering a journey with us to the stars. 

Connecting to this months energies

Much of our work is connected to mother earth, the land and crystal grid lines. We were approaching the Winter Solstice, also in preparation for the Ascension of February 2022. New guides came through to assist with bringing these energies in. 

Before performing this work, we had our ceremonies together and an integration period to prepare for these new frequencies and light codes. Our first Blue lotus plant ceremony to receive the download of codes and energies connected us to a Blue Avarian named Alula. 

Connecting to Blue Avarian Alula

Alula showed us the sacred tree of life. It represents the transformation of birth and death. This coding is about letting go, disconnecting to denser attachments, allowing space for new energies and replacing fear with loving frequencies.

Alula comes with a message about the new energies needed for the earth in this present time. New star-seeds are waiting to be birthed onto the earth plane and activate those who need to be helping the planet. Whether this resonates for your DNA to be activated or the ones ready to come down, they require light vibration to help. Many souls are leaving the earth plane, and we will assist new souls holding the love frequency. The tree of life is within us all whether we wish to pass over or rebirth into new energy for the higher good. We are becoming the highest version of ourselves within the heart space. If we choose to rebirth, we will all assist as a collective to raise the vibration of mother earth. She is the heart of the universe.

This is the Light code that Alula showed us. 

Connecting to the Grays

The second part of this month's energies did not come through until we arrived at our stone circle trip, Stonehenge in the UK. The night before the 22nd, we visited the land to clear and prepare the surrounding energies and leylines before downloading the new frequencies into mother earth. 

Whilst we were cleansing and connecting to mother earth 3 Grays approached us from a portal surrounding the stone circle, informing us that they will be of assistance to activate the Stonehenge Stargate and surrounding portals to bring down the codings and frequencies that are required to complete the rebirth.

The morning of Winter Solstice 

Before we began to work we had a moment to embrace the sun and the beautiful energy and power it brings to all of us, a celebration of life alongside like-minded souls lifting the vibration with singing, drums and rattles, it set the vibrations so perfectly. As it began to peak through the stone circle, we began calling upon the energies and invited Cocao into our bodies to open our hearts to the frequencies needed. As we began doing our work, the Grays paid us another visit and provided us with the light code below.

They had given us the coding for DNA activation. They need the human race to activate on a cellular level as well as spiritual, by combining this coding with Aluluas coding we are creating a meditation for rebirth and activation. Both together will allow the collective beings to accept and ease the transition of the Ascension process of 2022. During the Ascension process, it is going to affect many souls dimensionally. The activation will allow further light codes and upgrades to enter the receiver's body, chakras and cellular. 

This meditation has been channelled by the guides we have worked with through this process to feel the vibrations of the stone henge, the new earth energies and a guided journey to activate and connect you to the sacred tree of life and through the Stargate.

To begin your activation journey please visit our video below.

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