Crystal coding 30.11.2021

Welcome to the second series of crystal coding. We hope you enjoyed our guided meditation for the first series, entering you into the space of the blue dome for protection, safe space and spiritual connection. Please ensure you use this space to work with the guides, galactic beings and be present in the heart frequency. 

Connecting to Mother Sanuk

Mother Sanuk is an Arcturian Pleadiean being. She is the mother of sound. Mother Sanuk came through our energy system with the coding of sound. As we tuned into this frequency the humming slowly turned into beautiful singing. 


When I was connecting to Mother Sanuk, she placed her hand over my third eye and heart chakra. She began singing into me. I could feel the vibrations of her voice merging within me. As I continued humming I could hear a song. I allowed Mother Sanuk to channel through my energy to bring the song to light. She told me to use this sound for the next guided meditation. Mother Sanuk provides us with the Frequency of Love. Her energies were mixed between green, blue and soft white. As she was channeling through me I could feel my heart chakra open and a release of energy was disbursed. 


As I was listening to the sound of Talia's voice, I could feel pulling almost immediately. I surrendered to the vibration that was penetrating my energy field. As I laid down and closed my eyes I could see Talia singing in her spirit form. The colours coming through of Mother Sanuk. This frequency is the mother of nurturing energy. I felt as if I was my inner child and my mother was singing me an ancient lullaby. The sound frequency instantly opened my heart and begun to release tension and brought forward traumas to release. It was comforting, safe and felt like I could sleep and let the healing take place. I felt wrapped in a Cacoon of love. 

Mother Sanuk says that this coding frequency is to release our inner child traumas, traumas that hold us back from accepting and giving unconditional love. The coding frequency is to let go, release and pull down any stubborn barriers and frequencies from our heart that prevent us from experiencing our authentic self. This guided meditation with Sanuk will allow us to dig out our deep shadow self and inner child traumas with the comfort of mother energy and support. 

To activate this coding please visit our video below. 

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