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Cosmic Light Code 30.4.22 | Cleanse, Release & Repair

Welcome to April-May's channelled light code! We had alterations with our guides and galactic beings with how we present the codes for you to put in yourself or crystals that have not been purchased through our ceremonies.

Connecting to this month's energies

Xilla is a Purple Sirian guide who came to both of us. Her energy was very calming and feminine. Xilla informed us that there had been some heavy energy we had all been carrying from others and attachments to the physicality of life. 

Xilla will assist you in removing and repairing old energies deeply. She will work within multiple layers of your light body; this will also create scenarios to be brought up to the surface, allowing people, places and opportunities to be brought to your attention for the highest good. Be conscious of what gets brought up for you to work on and be able to remove these energies from you for the next 30 days. After that, you must be ready to activate this energy to strengthen your connection and raise your consciousness within and around you.


Guided Meditation 30.4.22

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