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Where to place crystals

We often get asked where to place crystals. Follow our blog to find out more about crystals, our experience and journeys with crystals.

We believe that crystals work differently for everyone. There is no system or guideline to how you should or shouldn't use your crystals. Crystals call us for a reason. Why should we stop a natural energy flow if it has been guided to do something for us?

Just like us, we all have to start somewhere. As you learn, grow and connect to different energies you begin to flow more freely and trust the process more. We have written a diverse blog below to show you physical and spiritual ways of using crystals.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a large subject, but implying crystals may help you if you are stuck or unsure how to use crystals on a physical level. For example;

  • Natural citrine may be placed in the furthest corner of your home to attract money and wealth.
  • Black Tourmaline, obsidian or hematite is by the front door to benefit from their protective qualities.
  • If you’re single and would like to invite a relationship, try placing two pieces of rose quartz on your nightstand
  • Activate the Zen position of your home with a green/nephrite jade for harmony, protection and good health
  • If you are a drifter at night time, place black tourmaline by the end of your feet to keep you grounded at night time
  • Place a clear quartz in your left hand and a black obsidian in your right hand to transfer and transmute positive and negative energy (make sure you set your intention with this)

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is also great physical or spiritual therapy. You are placing your crystals over your seven main chakras and grid crystals around the energy field with crystal points. Crystal healing comes with much knowledge about placement and energy work. It is something to look into in more depth if you feel drawn to this practice. This type of practice may be created for another intention: love, protection, wealth, specific healing etc. You may set up a crystal healing grid and leave the creation for a more long term energy placement in or around your home.

3D to 5D
This blog will most likely lead us to write up some more profound level of energetic work. But we have entered the golden age of Aquarius. The energy of the golden age was pulled in on December 21st 2020, at 11.11 am-1.11 pm, the portal opened and hundreds of practitioners, shamans and energy workers supported the frequency to come in.

Since bringing in the energy of the 5D, this has changed and raise mother-earths frequencies. We are moving into a higher frequency. Lower dense and old systematic energies are being pushed out. What does this mean for crystals? Minerals and the earth magnetic field/leylines.

We have been told to journey on this new energy. Our guides showed us mother earth and all the current and new minerals growing from beneath and beside us. The earth has changed, including new light codes and every living thing, including plants, animals, crystals and even us. We are all one and it affects everything.

So how does this affect my crystals and placement?

When we move into a higher frequency, now being the 5th dimension, our whole energy system changes. Our chakras, coding, intuition and our consciousness.


Nothing beats our intuition! When we are so fine-tuned within, we have no doubt. Crystals can be programmed with intent or whatever you require.

Properties are a guideline to the physical realm on what energy the crystal carries and where it should be used. But you and your guides may say something different. We are all different beings and carry different energy and frequencies. We believe that two people may have two completely different experiences with the same type of crystal for the above reason.

So go with what feels suitable for you. Remember, you are unique and carry your energies, just like your crystal, that has picked you to go on this personal healing/ascending journey.

Meditation, Journeying
Why not connect with your crystals differently? Ask them why they are here for you, what they need to do and how can you work together. Crystals are just as conscious as we are. Allow them to show you the work or information that is needed. The placement of crystals and form will help you determine where and how to use them. Each crystal will show you different ways of working with them and perhaps calling in other crystals. Trust what you are being shown. Spirituality has no limitations.


Suppose you have only just started your journey and finding it challenging to channel the messages and connection. There are some excellent crystals and groundwork, to begin with. Don't expect that you need to jump straight in the deep end; everyone is on different paths and learning different lessons, so go with what sits well for you.

Rough, Pocket, Palm and Thumb-stones

  • Smaller sized stones are more useful for on the go, protecting our energy when we are around others or travelling. They are great for alters, grid work and placing around our home. 
  • Palms and Thumb stones are great to work for emotional stress and soothing energy. We have chakras and energy points within our hands. These are great to use when we are transferring energy in and out.

    Points, Obelisks, Spheres, Large crystal decor

    Larger objects may be more challenging to carry around, but these are great for having around your home, alters, grid work and personal healing sessions. 

    • You may use points as they are generators and amplifiers of energy. Depending on what your intention is, for example, you may feel to place a black obsidian sphere with a clear quartz point at the main entrance. Even the most active family room of the house to ensure negative energy is transitioned into a positive vibration through clear quartz, as this crystal is excellent to transmute negative to positive. Spheres work at 360 degrees of energy. It all depends on your intent. You may use pointed crystals for your healing session or an energy transition.
    • Same use for obelisks and larger crystals. Geodes are great for energy field healing and cleansing. You may use obelisks and wands to repair holes, tears or attachments in your energy field.

    You can mix around your crystals, whether that's in your bag, in your home or as a grid. However, we advise not to mix too many energies, as it may cause a conflict of frequency. So, if you have mixed many crystals within the same space, try removing one until the energies feel suitable/balanced.

    It is also essential to know your directions. What direction is your home/workspace facing? Feng Shui may help you if it resonates.



    We do not want to provide you with systematic rules for your unique spiritual journey. It's like medicine. Some medicines work for some people, but some people may react differently or not at all. This journey is about you. We have created this blog to widen your mindset on crystals and use them for you.

    How do you connect to your crystals? Where do you place them? We would love to know! Feel free to pop your comments down below :) 

    With love, blessings and gratitude.

    Talia & Chris x

    Sava Kuzmanov
    Sava Kuzmanov 11/02/2022

    I have trained as a crystal practitioner. My wife and I both did as a matter of fact. She died five years ago and I connected with Mystic Wolf, as was and bought a few items that called to me. I am presently on the last day of a clutter clearing with Denise Linn and yesterday an order I placed arrived. Since then my equilibrium seems to be settling. The clutter clearing process certainly ruffled my angelic feathers!

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