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Programming & activating crystals


We are often asked how to actually use crystals and the vibrations that they carry within them. Crystals can be left to emit it's own energy, but when a crystal has multiple benefits, we may want to use it for something specifically or to aid a few properties. This blog will teach you how to personally connect with your crystals and how to programme them to the needs you require off of them.

Why you should programme crystals

There is no obligation that you have to programme your crystals, however if you wish to use the full benefits of them, then it is therefore used so you can enhance your manifestations into reality. When you programme your crystals you are putting in place your thoughts, emotions and higher consciousness needs. When you programme your intention into the crystal you know exactly what to expect from each of them. A crystals natural properties should be followed as you do not wish to create any conflicting or backlashing energies, you want to harness what the crystal has but adapt this into your personal needs/situations. Not only is this for healing benefits, you are connecting soul to soul with your crystals as they all have their own spirits within, just like us, they carry multi-dimensional energy and high levels of knowledge, consciousness of their own. When we match the vibrations of our crystals there is a one-ness and abundant connection between the two beings.

On a personal touch to this blog, when we have personally worked with our crystals for some period of time. We have received downloads and knowledge from them. Which have either appeared during our thoughts, every day lives, journeying, meditation or even dream state. It is an energy exchange whatever energy you give out, you will receive back. The universe is listening always!

How should we programme crystals

You may find your own unique way to do this, some follow intuitively. But if you are new, or unsure here are some guidelines on how you can activate your crystals.

  • Before handling your crystal make sure you have cleansed them, this can be done under a full moon, water (if the crystal is able to do so) incense, intentions or if preferred dried herbs. You can also put crystals on himalayan salt, himalayan salt is a great energy absorber and will take any energy that should not be carried. Selenite is also a fantastic energy cleanser as it is self cleansing you can place or put your crystals around/on a piece of selenite to do the above.
  • You will intuitively know and feel the crystals energy if the cleansing has completed. 
  • Make sure you are in a sacred or comfy place to perform spiritual work
  • It is most important to always put up your protection before any kind of connection or spiritual practise is made. This stops any entities or unwanted forces to enter your space.
  • Once this is ready, it is time to set your intentions

The first method of programming your crystals is through meditation, deep breath work and get yourself into a relaxed state of mind. You may write down your intentions if you are a visual person. Once this is done place your crystal over your third eye, crown or you can hold (what you feel drawn too is key!) and repeat the intentions you wish, with visually seeing yourself live out these intentions. You can use your 6 senses to play this out. The most important key is being in your heart space, us humans are beings of love, love is the highest frequency to all and maintaining this energy through manifestation and practises most certainly has a big impact on how future and how our paths will portray. To feel this heart space place your crystal over your heart and feel the gratitude that emits from these visual intentions out to the universe. When we have gratitude for our intentions we are preparing this for the coming fruition.  

Once you feel this process is completed always give thanks to the crystal, the spirit of the crystal and the universe. After this process is complete you have programme your crystal, you do not need to repeat a programming unless you are changing the intentions. 

Crystals are like us, they need recharging just like we need sleep to function and perform daily. They do too! You can use sunlight and nature (bury within mother earth). Connect with your crystals like a friend, they a living, conscious being. You dont need to panic and charge them every night, you will feel them. Personally charge them once a month or every few, depending on the use of them we will put them outside or on a windowsill where sunlight or moonlight can project.

Another way of programming crystals is journeying with or without your spirit guides to connect to the crystal, find out about the energy and how it can benefit you, the old saying "the crystal chooses you" why? crystals radiate energy in consistency this is what attracts and pulls us in to their energy. It is a calling of the energies we need to be emitting ourselves out to the world! Depending on how deep you wish to work with your crystal it is a great way to learn about the crystal on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Tips and facts about crystal energy

  • You shouldn't let other people handle your crystals
  • Once you have programmed your crystal you can carry them with you, wear or place them in your home
  • It does no harm to gift others crystals, just ensure the are cleansed and placed with positive and loving intentions for the other person before gifting them
  • If you are not a visual person or finding it difficult to set intention you can also find affirmations to repeat and intentionally set into your crystals
  • You can place a crystal inside a grid of quartz points in 3's or 6's (make sure the points are in natural state) to recharge/energise
  • Element of fire (smoke) is a cleansing element and is an excellent and easy method for a quick cleanse for your crystals

We would love to hear your thoughts and any tips you can share to help beginners or spiritual users on how to activate/programme intentions!

PB 14/08/2021

“It is most important to always put up your protection before any kind of connection or spiritual practise is made. This stops any entities or unwanted forces to enter your space.”

I’m a little confused :/
How might one ‘put up protection’?

PB x

Shell Solway
Shell Solway 14/08/2021

love your shop and all the information !! really love it glad I found your store and blogs
Thank You!

Emma 02/04/2021

This information for a beginner like myself is fantastic. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to receiving my crystals when they arrive. Peace and love x


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