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How to cleanse your crystals


There are so many unique and beautiful ways to cleanse your crystals, rocks and minerals. Each of their own will have a method they prefer to use there is no wrong or right way. We are each on our own journeys to find ourselves and what works for us along the way. If you are a beginner or learning about working with crystals, this may be the read for you.

Why and when should we cleanse crystals?

Your crystal has had a journey before it reaches you. It is living in the earth amongst its other friends or could be alone in the earth or a pocket. Us humans come along, handle the crystal from the earth, to then be cut, polished or carved (this is why our ethical policy is super strong!). There is a long way of handling before it reaches your preferred retailer. Think about all the energies that crystal could be carrying and storing, as much as they emit they absorb too. We always do a large cleanse when receiving our goods to bring them back to its neutral vibration, of course we have our own ways as shop owners on how we are going to set out the intention to bring forth the crystals owners. Which will always be love and respect on our behalf! But it's also for the reason of darker energies, cleansing is so so important just incase a crystal has picked up bad thoughts and emotions, seeds, intentions or even entities in some cases. So whether it's us or you at home, if someone has come in contact with your crystals apart from you or you have been around a lot of energy. Then it is most advisable to cleanse your crystals energy. Generally you can do these methods once a month, however if you feel they do not need too at this current time, that is fine too.

How do you cleanse a crystals energy?

There are so many wonderful ways to cleanse your crystals. This is an easy, quick and thorough guide to help you get started. More advanced practises of rituals and tools will come forth in our future posts.


  • You can use Sage or incense to cleanse your crystals ( it does not have to be white sage, there are many other types of sages/herbs/smudge sticks that can be used to cleanse) 
  • Resins (such as frankincense, myrrh, dragons blood) 
  • Earth Element: Placing your crystals back into nature with mother. She is nurturer and a healer, she will cleanse and restore your crystal.
  • Water Element: If you are near a river, sea or collect fresh water in a bowl. (so long your crystals can be in water as some crystals are at risk of dissolving) water wash away negativity and revitalises.
  • Fire Element: By using smoke of a candle, resin/herb is an excellent way of cleansing. Candles are emitting purity, light and protection. Fire/smoke dispels and banishes any unwanted energies, therefore sunlight can be used for this type of method as the sun is a fire element. Place the crystals on a windowsill or outside in the sun for a couple of hours (make sure crystals like amethyst and celestite are not out too long as they can fade.)
  • Air Element: using a smudging feather, blowing the smoke (fire element) over the crystals will pull away any loose energy through the tiny feathers.
  • Other Crystals: Can be used to clear/cleanse such as Gypsums, Kyanite, Carnelian & Quartz; you can place your crystals around these
  • Himalayan Salt & Lemon Slice : Place your crystals on salt with a lemon nearby. This is so the salt can pull away any unwanted energy and the lemon can transmute positively. 


  • Singing Bowls & Frequencies: Playing with Singing bowls, Tinghas, Bells, Tuning forks and 432hz Mp3 sounds can cleanse the crystals energy through vibrations and energetic frequencies. Chanting, singing and using musical instruments such as drums, rattles, flutes etc is emitting to push away negativity and pull in positive vibrations only.
  • Visualisation: You can project pure white light and high frequencies from yourself, through meditation our journeying whilst pushing out the unwanted energy from the crystal. You can ask your guides to help you with this if you are stuck or ask them to show you. 

There is no set time on how long you should do this, tune into your intuition or crystals to help you understand how much is required, your stones will feel and sometimes look different when they have been thoroughly cleansed. Ideally using smoke and flammable objects does not need to be done for a long period of time.

Glenda 23/11/2021

Hi I have bought an amethyst cluster from you.
I’ve had it in a windowcill where its been sunny off & on .I’ve just read your email where you advise not to leave amethyst in the sun too long as can fade.Please can you tell me if it will have lost its healing g properties, it doesnt look faded but don’t know if I’ve unknowingly damaged its properties.
Please can you tell me if there is another way to cleanse these amethyst Crystal’s without fading them as I’m unsure about using water too.
Kind regards
Glenda Soper

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