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Intergalactic Crystals

We are now only working with the energy waves of the Cosmos & Earth. We have been guided to work with crystals on a sacred level in sacred ceremonies. We connect and align the cosmos with mother earth and work with portal days at sacred sites, in nature and open portals wherever we are called. Working with the Stargates, Galactic beings and vibrations to integrate them into the crystals with permission.

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We have been guided to work with crystals on a sacred level in ceremony. We connect to the soul that lays within the crystal by working with the crystal grid lines. We work with ancient souls of crystals and connect to them to see what energies are being held within and how they wished to be worked with their owner.

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Our guides, ancestors and spirit team have connected us to the beings of higher dimensions. They are here to help our energies shift to the new vibrations and to be aligned with changes that are constantly happening to our new earth. Every month we connect to the light beings who wish to bring down a light-code, vibration or message to the collective. We channel the journey into a guided meditation to help you on your spiritual path. ​ The meditations we create is for you to activate the light-code within you and your crystal

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Our ceremonial kits have been created through a sacred ceremony. We intuitively pick the crystals without connecting them to physical labels. Once we feel the kit has been completed we will sit with them and connect to the vibrations they bring together as a collective energy.Our kits are designed to help you connect, access and develop areas within ones life that need clearing, transforming and ascending to a new vibration. Each kit will be sent with a scroll explaining the energy it holds and how to connect as well as a guided meditation video to help you get started on your personal and spiritual development.

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Come & Connect with us

We are back exhibiting at the Mind Body & Soul show (Be You) show in Alexandra Palace, London.

Situated between Muswell Hill & Wood Green, Alexandra Palace is well served by all forms of public transport and is easy to reach by underground, road, rail & air.

Show dates:
Friday 14th October 202
Saturday 15th October 2022
Sunday 16th October 202

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